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Bosw8er 31st May 2003 11:50

There should be a forwarding tab somewhere

like forward ports "xxxx" to "xxxx" to "IP of ftp server".

"IP of server" should have a fixed IP ... no DHCP !

kipni 31st May 2003 12:35

here the pics
hopefully you'll find the answer

virtual server

sorry for the big pictures

hopefully you can help me


jmke 31st May 2003 12:52

Virtual server tab

what you did there is good
Server IP: is IP of the PC you want people to FTP to

service port: 21 , is okay if only telenet people need to connect to it

if you want everybody to able to connect
change the port in your FTP server to 2121
and in the Virtual server tab, change the 21 to 2121


kipni 31st May 2003 13:02

and is this all i have to do?

what with my ip from telenet that changes constantly?

jmke 31st May 2003 13:06

that you , unfortantely, cannot change
be sure to give them the correct IP each time =)

WAN IP can be found here

kipni 31st May 2003 13:10

and that's the ip i have to give to the people who want to go to my ftp server? with the 2121 port isn't it?

jmke 31st May 2003 13:14


Bosw8er 31st May 2003 13:34

Or install something like "no-ip" if you like a fixed IP.
You set up something like "" and the people that want to connect use that url AND the port 2121 to access your server. You do not have to bother about the dynamic IP telenet gives you. The no-ip-client redirects them to your current IP.

... it's free and easy.

jmke 31st May 2003 13:52

cool, I didn't know it worked behind a firewall/router :super:

Bosw8er 31st May 2003 14:04


Originally posted by jmke
cool, I didn't know it worked behind a firewall/router :super:
Only had to adjust the software firewall for no-ip.
No settings to change in the router itself.

I never had any problem with it.

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