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kipni 30th May 2003 22:00

port forwarding
i want to set up a ftp server
yeah i know it isn't legal,

zo i'm behind a broadband router (us robotics)

my internet connection is telenet

what do i have to do,

first of all i have to enable port forwarding in the router but i don't know how,

i've looked for a couple of hours on the internet for howto's but nothing found

pls help me

jmke 30th May 2003 22:07

brand & model & website of us robotics router please :)

kipni 30th May 2003 22:47

U.S. Robotics Broadband Router (Model # USR8000, Version V1.23)

Dial_Up 30th May 2003 23:26

Re: port forwarding

Originally posted by kipni
i want to set up a ftp server
yeah i know it isn't legal

As far as I know, setting up an FTP server isn't illegal at all..

it all depends on de contents.

jmke 30th May 2003 23:34

telenet forbids running servers that are able to be connected to throught their cable :)

kipni 31st May 2003 08:26

jmke is right
but i still haven't got an answer how i have to do it

jmke 31st May 2003 11:04

is there a webadmin tool for that router?

Bosw8er 31st May 2003 11:11

what happens when you click


jmke 31st May 2003 11:20

some need a specific port like



check the manual of the router

kipni 31st May 2003 11:38

yes there is a webadmin

do i have to post some pictures of it?
so you can see what i have to do

for going into the webadmin

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