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Callme 9th March 2008 21:17

Help me mod my case
I would like to either do a window mod, or cut two 120mm spots out of the side of my CoolerMaster Elite 340.

I have a metal cutter and metal file, but I don't know what to buy to drill holes for fan screws or fan mounts.

I also don't know what material to use for a case window, or how to secure that material to the rest of the case.


Sidney 10th March 2008 01:09

I am not sure if you have used your metal cutter to cut sheet metal before. You would have to be pretty good in using a cutter to cut circle.:)

Try dremel tool cutting wheel, electric drill and correct drill bit size for holes. A paper template of the fan and hole locations taped it on the panel. Best of luck to your cutting and drilling. :D

Get plexi glass from local hardware store for the window.

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