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veldi 6th January 2008 18:11

Good online hardware shops in Belgium.
Yes i know google. But I'm still learning french and it doesn't come by easily to search for the right shop. Therefore i ask you guys.

Would the belgian part of you guys mind sharing your hardware sources? As in topic.
So far I've tried "" and "". Both very nice but they don't offer a big choice as for enthusiast.

I'm looking for shops with more choice than those two above.

Cheers and Thanks !

EDIT: Found a few in other posts. Still waiting for your tips guys.

PS. Is there any way i could meet with someone on IRC who could help me buy the stuff ? :D Zoeken naar producten ffs :P

wutske 6th January 2008 18:34
are the best ones.

They tend to be a bit more expensive, but they offer some more enthousiast hardware:

//edit: I used to know a shop in Brussels, they where cheap too and support was good, but too far away. I think it had 'euro' in it's name :p .
//edit2: it is :) .

veldi 6th January 2008 18:41

Nice, thanks. I'm comparing prices and I'm shocked. 200 euro less for the same hardware in Forcom vs LDLC.

The only thing is, the damn shop is in dutch and I barely understand it :P

PS. Can you save me and just tell me if they sell not only for credit card owners ?

veldi 6th January 2008 18:54

Woot wasn't hard to figure it out. They even deliver and you can pay cash on delivery. Woot. New comp here I come :P

piotke 6th January 2008 20:49

Si tu a des questions, n'hésitez pas de me contacter par email. Piotke at

J'habite vraiment près chez Forcom :-)

Or drop me an email in English, Polisch, Dutch, French or German ;-)

wutske 6th January 2008 21:08


Originally Posted by piotke (Post 162547)
Si tu a des questions, n'hésitez pas de me contacter par email. Piotke at

J'habite vraiment près chez Forcom :-)

Or drop me an email in English, Polisch, Dutch, French or German ;-)

wow, poiteke heeft nen talenknobbel :ws:

Bad Disciple 5th April 2008 17:42

I live in Belgium (Brussels area) for some 14 years and I can tell you
that this place is under such a sucking bureaucratic mentality - as narrow
minded as inflexible. A Belgian would first think not to lose 1 EU-cent,
next he/she will strongly stick to the material part and last, he/she
will only follow what the rules say and then what the crowd wants.
As example - I never have found in any shop anything more sophisticated
than what the mass demand, otherwise you'll always hear "we must
order it and WAIT up to 4-6 weeks!". As opposed to an owner in the US
who asked me to tell him exactly the model I asked so IF he has it NOT,
to order 2-3 items of it so to HAVE IT!
E.G. I had to buy my 2 laptops from the UK, because... they couldn't
have them here in Belgium with a QWEWRTY keyboard...
Is this enough?

Well, it's not occasionally that they took Brussels as the bureaucratic
centre of the EU - with a huge bunch of international offices, banks,
insurance companies, NATO etc. etc.... Where else could they find
better bureaucratic mentality?

uni1313 12th April 2008 17:15

I buy mostly from the following shops: (good service => needed it once with an Asus mobo) (I you need something rare => they order things that other shops refuse to order => example: a few months ago I needed an s939 mobo to replace a faulty one=> they could offer me types that I haven't found on any other website) (good prices, large choice and fast delivery) (also very good)

All 4 shops are thrustworthy.

Kwakkel 5th June 2008 19:28


Don't forget the upcoming *************


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