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FreeStyler 2nd June 2003 03:20

Beeps with epox 8RDA+
I'm using the o,board sound with my epox 8RDA+, connected to my stereo amp.
Fro time to time, totaly irregular, I get a pretty loud beep trough my speakers.
It's originating from the onboard sound, but I can't pinpoint it exactly.

It happens both when I'm playing audio and when I'm not and under all kinds of loads.

A quick google search gave nothing interesting.
I'm off to browse 8rdafaq to see if they know about it.
In the mean time, anyone here know anything about it?

FreeStyler 2nd June 2003 03:38

I found the following on it:

Not much help, but it's not an isolated problem apparently.

I could try running my KB and mouse of USB, but I hate activating it for my game controllers already. Let alone using it for my input.

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