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Pirre 30th March 2003 20:53

Asus P4G8X temp sensor prob ???
weird, I just installed my Asus P4G8X, put a P4 3.066 HT cpu on it with two 256mb PC3200 stickies. For the moment, until heavier cooling has arrived, I'm using a swiftech MCX4000 sink with a case fan which does about 30CFM. When entering the bios everything looked ok, mobo temp 32C and cpu temp 32-32.5C, which reflected indeed the MCX4000's excellent cooling ability.

So off I went to installing winXP, blablabla, and then I installed mbm and I noticed a cpu temp of 41C... I checked all temp sensors in mbm, but I got one which indicated 32C when idle, mobo sensor, then one that indicated 25C but didn't change, all others gave nothing, only one that indicated 41C and when running cpu mark in sisoft it rised to 46C.
I never use Asus PC Probe or what's it called but I wanted to check if mbm was right, since in PC Probe you can't assign sensors, it just says cpu temp 41C !!

ok reboot, into the bios, again mobo 32C and cpu 32-32.5C, I waited a bit, so cpu starts rising to 34C, I boot into windows and mbm said 43C, I left windows idle until temp became 41C again, rebooted, went into bios and yes cpu temp 32.5C.

I decided to wait a little longer in the bios so cpu temp rised up to 38C, then booted winxp, cpu temp according to mbm was 46C !

again left winxp alone, temp dropped to 40-42C, rebooted, straight into the bios and yes cpu temp 32.5C.

I ran everything at default settings, default vcore 1.55V , fsb 133, all standaard, and the 32.5C cpu temp in the bios seem reasonable to me for the MCX4000 with a 30CFM fan, but less than a minute later in winxp, mbm says 41C? and Asus PC Probe also ... during each reboot, the time between being in the bios and booted into winxp, cpu temps changed from 32.5 to 41 and back.... makes no sense to me really ...

a suggestion anyone?

omg wrote P5G8X in the subject, can't change it it seems :)

TeuS 30th March 2003 21:08

can't do, just the wrong reading of MBM

Pirre 30th March 2003 21:10

that would mean both mbm and pc probe reading wrong ...

jmke 30th March 2003 23:55

yep that is possible, temp in BIOS is mostly the correct one.

Pirre 31st March 2003 00:04

ok, but still, it sucks no correct temps in windows, or I have to use the compensation in mbm ....

never had this problem with any motherboard

what is the max temp difference between cpu temp when just entering bios after first boot of the day, and when just entered windows, max 30 secs later?

I 'd say cpu temp doesn't increase between those two moments?

jmke 31st March 2003 00:24

the BIOS doesnt put 100% load on the CPU.. loading windows however does stress it more..

but not to the extent that you that much a temp difference

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