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9cjs MOBO dead in the water, need tips 9cjs MOBO dead in the water, need tips
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9cjs MOBO dead in the water, need tips
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Old 21st April 2005, 10:46   #1
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Default 9cjs MOBO dead in the water, need tips

I wrote to Chaintech that the MOBO they returned to me as an RMA replacement six months ago has suddenly stopped working.

Here's what I wrote:
I press the power-on button on the case and the hard drive starts moving and the HDD activity light lites and then nothing else happens. The monitor stays black except for the pre boot screen saver icon.

I removed all the periferrals, one by one, to include unplugging the video card and I got the same results. I replaced the video card with another nVidia card and still the same results.

Additional info:

1) When I hold in the power-on button for five seconds the PC turns off as usual.

2) I inserted a Norton Ghost Emergency Floppy Disk but nothing happened. I inserted the Chaintech and the XP Pro CD's and nothing happened.

3) Power doesn't get to the keyboard so I can't get into the BIOS or to a Safe Boot.

4) I re seated the 24 and 12 v connectors.

5) I reset the CMOS

6) I removed the memory and no beeps.
Chaintech replied:
Please check to see if you have plugged in the extra 12v pin connector on to the board which some older power supplies do not include. You will need this to receive a post.
This confuses me because my 480w Antec PS does have a 1" x 1/8" 5-conductor connector that I was told was not necessary for the 9cjs, and, it's been running perfectly for six months with that connector tucked off to the side.

Also, I'm not sure what they mean by "post."

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Kerry
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post=bootscreen (power on self test)

They mean the 4pin 12v P4 connector btw. Two yellow wires and two black ones, with the four pins in a square.
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Old 21st April 2005, 21:41   #3
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PS. Got a nice fast reply this AM with permission to RMA (no charge). That feels very good.
Old 12th June 2005, 02:42   #4
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I've got the reconditioned MOBO up and running with a RAID1 and it's as stable as it has ever been except for the fact that I can't get the start via "Any Key" feature to work. Chaintech gave me permission to RMA it once again, but I'm seriously thinking of living without that feature rather than go through their one month to replace it ordeal a thrid time.

Here's the only remaining problem since reinstalling everything on the board.

I somehow lost 50% of my Western Digital 80 GB HDD Drive D: It was partitioned into two 40 GB sections and now only 40 GB shows in XP Pro D: Properties. In the Device Manager it shows WD 80 GB. When I tried to reformat it via boot XP Pro CD, Install XP Pro I get to the part where it lists the drives and only C: drive shows. D: is not listed.

C: is my RAID1 consisting of two 37 GB 10,000RMP Raptors and during boot (in the BIOS screen ) it shows that it's working but the screen also reads. "Non RAID disks: None defined".

I believe I have the cables connected as I did before when the Western Digital displayed on my desktop as D: and E: (40 GB each).


One end of a three connector cable is plugged into the IDE 1 socket on the MOBO. The middle connector is plugged into the WD 80 GB HDD and the other end is plugged into the CD player.

The end of the other three-connector cable is plugged into IDE 2, the middle connector is not connected to anything and the other end is connected to the DVD drive.

Here's some BIOS settings:

"Standard CMOS Features"
IDE channel 0 Master = CD
IDE channle 0 Slave = WD 80 (that's my D drive)
IDE channel 1 Master = DVD
IDE channle 1 Slave = None

"Advanced BIOS Features"
HDD Disk Boot Priority"
1 CH 0 Slave WD80
2 USB HDD Maxtor 40 GB ( this is an external HDD)
3 SCSI 0 Intel RAID_Volume1
4 Bootable Add-in Cards
OnChip Device

All are enabled or set to Auto

MPS Version Control for OS = 1.4

Phoenix Award BIOS 6.00pg (even though I installed version 8
BIOS = 12/29/04

Any suggestions?


Old 12th June 2005, 02:45   #5
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I forgot to mention that Chaintech instructed me to move the JP6 and JP6a jumpers to the 2 & 3 positions which I have done.

Old 26th June 2005, 03:57   #6
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Is it still dead? The funny thing is mine was doing the same thing and I didnt have a PS with the 12V connector. I went and got one and plugged it in and it started working. I love the board but I have noticed some little problems here and there
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