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WC Problem... WC Problem...
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WC Problem...
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Old 23rd May 2005, 18:42   #1
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WC Problem...

My external WC-set:

Owkee, here's the deal... I recently finished my WC set, (external because of the size of my radiator and midi-case) and it runs!

Problem here is the effect isn't much better than air cooled... (about 37-40 celcius idle)

I got a CPU waterjacket by Frigus Engineering.

A 400 l/hr pump from the local aquarium shop. (no pic) in a custom made resevoir.

An internal car radiator of some ford. € 20 and it was mine. Which is about 30x14X4 cm. (no pic again)

Last piece is a 9x9 cm fan bloqing through this car radiator.

The order is as following: Pomp -> CPU -> (soon chipset) -> Radiator -> Resevoir

ATM the WC is disconnected because my chipset block won't fit the hose... and filling/emptying is such a hasle

I really hope you can and want to help me. The only three things i think can be the problem are:[list=1][*]CPU block == wrong[*]400 l/hour won't cut it[*]Radiator should be before the waterjacket instead of after.[/list=1]

Again i really appreciate your help and attention!!
Old 23rd May 2005, 20:11   #2
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is your pump inside your reservoir?

the heat generated by your pump now gets into the water.

400l/h pump is a little to weak i think, you might preffer a 700L or 1200L pump.

yes you can place your reservoir after the rad but it wont do mutch difference
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Old 23rd May 2005, 21:24   #3
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First of all, thank you!

Second, it's a pump that must be submerged... but i didn't know it could generate heat at all!!

I've read that 400 l/hour is the minimum and is even the recommended because higher would only get you a few degrees extra...

Besides... the resevoir is build for this pump, it fits excactly... when changing the pump, the pump won't be part of the external set...

Maybe another thing i might mention... my tubing is longer because it's external. All tubing together measures about 4m in length. Is this a problem?


Sorry, just checked something that really might make a biiiigg difference...

As you can see on in picture, i got a cold cathode in my resevoir. While thinking about the hot pump theory, i felt the cathode. Lets just say, you can't keep it in your hands for a long time...

I really hope this is it, i will only be able to check it as soon as my waterchill chipset waterjacket fits on my hosing.

Any other comment is still welcome!!
Old 23rd May 2005, 21:44   #4
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It doesn't realy matter how much water the pump moves, the head is much more important, the higher it is, the higher the pump can move the water.
2 400l/h pump can give you very different results, while one has a small head and is hardly able to get the water from the bottom to the cpu (ok, realy bad head), the other one, w/ a higher head, can pump the water even 4 times higher, so the water wil flow in the block will be higher with the high headed pump, altough the are rated at the same waterflow.
Ow, and pump with a higher head will also give a higher flow when there are a lot of obstructions in the loop (blocks, verry restrictive blocks, nozzles, ...)
Old 23rd May 2005, 22:11   #5
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Ok, nice angle!

My pump is a 4x4x4 pump. I assume that's a small pump by your standards. I once put the pump on without any tubes and it got about 30-40 cm from the top of the pump.

I hope i will find a higher pump that fits my resevoir...
Old 23rd May 2005, 22:13   #6
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or consider an in-line pump, this would remove some heat from the water-loop already, the smaller 12V pumps are pretty good
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Old 23rd May 2005, 22:30   #7
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Mmmz, that indeed does look really good. But considering i got my pump for like €20-25. It's quite a bigger investment...

I must look into the prices of all them pumps, maybe even score a 2nd hand one
Old 24th May 2005, 22:04   #8
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lil update.

I found a hose compatible with my Waterchill chipset waterjacket. The hose is more transparent and more robust than my current aquarium shop hoses.
So i will chance them all

Now the relevant info:
As you know my WC-set is dismanteled. I simply got rid off the hose on the pump, put it in the closed resevoir and let it run for the day. When i came back, the water indeed was indeed warm. That combined with the warm 'cold cathode' (For which i still need a nice outside of the resevoir solution) is a real hint for either getting a different pump or putting the rad after the pump (something i should have done in the first place).

I will post when changes are made. Hopefully better temps
Old 25th May 2005, 11:37   #9
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is the reservoir behind the rad? because that would help a little bit ( but it still does not solve the problem )

My guess is also that your head on your pomp isn't strong enough.
Old 25th May 2005, 11:52   #10
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I posted that i thought the pump reached 30-40 cm, besides, it was a long time ago and I'm not sure about it.

But the pump itself says 1m and that should be sufficint... shouldn't it?

I also got a 9cm fan on the rad... but it makes a hell of a lot noise. When turned on, the damn fan vibrates... it even makes this noise when i pick the wooden thing with the fan up.

I'm thinkin bout putting a variable resistance on the fan so the rpm is a bit lower. Hopefully that will help a bit.
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