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geoffrey 8th November 2008 16:49

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Originally Posted by geoffrey (Post 221951)
Aladdin 7 boards are very rare to find, expect to pay premiem prices too. They have great memory bandwith but in the end I think they will fall behind SIS530 boards which are well tweaked and have 2MB L2 cache, if both were hitting 133MHz FSB that is.

For superpi the larger L2 cache will come in handy and is supported, fact is that none manufacturer offers 2MB L2 cache for the SIS 530 chipset based boards, 512kb at most from what I've seen so far. The Aladdin 7 chipset might be useful for pure memory latency and 3D but the lack of external L2 cache will make this a slow platform combined with most Socket 7 cpu's. In superpi it is probable advisible to stay away from Aladdin 7, the mobile K6 have fast on-die cache and might perform closer to the same setup with 2MB external L2 cache, other chipset off course.

Pentium MMX mainboard design guide (socket 7) shows us the various voltages you can found on your mainboard:

Vcore = VCC2
Some chipset, cache, tagram are also fed by VCC3

Depending on what CPU you get the Vcore might vary, same goes for the I/O voltage. The cache, tagram and chipset might also run on lower/higher voltages, that's the spirit behind SS7.

DDC 23rd November 2008 16:26

New motherboard :D

GigaByte GA-586DX

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