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Blue_Boy 30th October 2005 11:36

Software Control My Fans: Does any hardware exist
Hey Guys,
Again, a question for my fried circuit friends.
I had a Asus Mobo, wich coltrolled my fans in an intelligent way:
Hot cpu = fast spinning fan
Slow cpu =quiet slow fan

You get the picture...

Recently my AGP slot died on me, solutions=new motherboard.

I tough the new motherboard (GigaByte GA-8IPE100-G rev4) supported this feature allso, but as it turns out, i only monitors the speed and temprature of the components in my case.

Does a piece of hardware exist wich will allow me to control my fans with software (speedfan) or let speedfan controll the fans automatically, so that i have my peace and rest back?

Thanks in advance guys!

jort 30th October 2005 13:39

think there was a fancontroller reviewed here.

let me take a look

edit: ;)

wutske 30th October 2005 17:44

speedfan does the same thing.

Blue_Boy 31st October 2005 09:00

Some more questions about the product:
Do i need to use the software provided, or can i use speedfan?
Do i have to use the provided temp sensors, or can i use the ones provided by the mobo?

jmke 31st October 2005 14:51

Speedfan will work with your motherboard sensors & fan headers; some motherboards play better with Speedfan than others, try it out.

the T-Balancer is a solution which does not rely on your motherboard to keep the fans running silent / fast when needed. It works on its own and can be configured to your likings.

Blue_Boy 31st October 2005 17:42

Ok let me try to ask the same question again, but this time in the right way:

IF i buy the M-Cubed Fan Controller
1-can i:

Use speedfan instead to control my fans via the fan controller, so can i use speedfan and not the piece of software that comes with te controller

2-Do i:

Have to install all these temp probes, or can i just use the temprature readouts delivered by the sensors allready on my motherboard/harddrive/cpu?

(oh, and is this the only product that can enable me to controll my fans the way i used to do with my old MOBO)?
Thanks again

jmke 31st October 2005 17:53

1) no, you need to use the Mcubed software
2) no you don't need to install ALL probes
3) I have not seen another software controlled fan controller yet

Blue_Boy 31st October 2005 17:56

Could you recommend some other solutions that control my fans in a semi-automatic / intelligent way, like my old (and old other mobo's except mine) used to do?

Sidney 31st October 2005 18:12

DFI nF4 Ultra and SLI boards provide software control using onboard sensors for upto 3 fans: CPU, Fan, PWMIC. While the CPU fan header is a must to control shut down;the others are for your own pleasure :)

Sidney 31st October 2005 18:15

Correction- CPU; Chipset and PWMIC.

The chipet may not be used for other purpose.

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