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Rectifier 29th September 2005 02:30

Simple case window mod
This is a finished simple case mod.
Technically it isn't finished, but I just have to finish some taping, right now the window is being held on with duct tape and screws.

I only have 3 images of the mod, since I don't have my camera now, but will have it again soon, and will post more images!

btw, here are the images:D

Cut the design out of my side panel.

Melted plexi glass...probably won't be cutting plexi with a sabre saw again.

Nice piece of plexi if I do say so myself :D

NOTE: The plexi glass in my case now is not the plexi shown in the pictures, due to the fact that when drilling screw holes for my fans and fan grills, I broke the plexi:grum:

Sidney 28th October 2005 17:31

Use slow drill speed and don't put press too hard on the drill. Of course, the drill bit must be sharp, else cracking comes next:)

Rectifier 28th October 2005 17:51

it didn't help that I had the plexi sitting on my legs, and they were bouncing up and down for some reason :shrug: are 3 pictures of the finished project :)

^Side panel^

^Another angle on the side panel^

^Full computer view^

Sidney 28th October 2005 18:45

That is a place for your girl friend, not the plexi :D

Glad it got done:)

jmke 28th October 2005 20:46

yes, very nicely done, I'm sure you spend some time to get that cutout perfectly done

Rectifier 30th October 2005 00:08

@lazyman: I plan on staying a virgin until I get married :P

@jmke: I actually spent around 10 minutes getting the second piece cut, the first piece I spent around 20 minutes :)

jmke 31st October 2005 14:02

Well in that case, you surely don't have 2 left hands;)

FreeStyler 31st October 2005 21:30

duh, if he wants to stay a virgin untill he's married. He'd better have good hands :p

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