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Sidney 2nd November 2005 19:55

The sign of aging relative to Extreme OC

GUY'S!! Its not just getting BSOD's. It's just when I think that my FX57 on phase was stable @ 3.54GHz, ran 32MB PI run got no errors. Play UT2004 for hours with no problems. I just installed Q4, GOT lockup every 10 seconds. Its also the MONEY thing. It just costs SO DAMN much to OC a PC processor (major OCing that is) Im just fed up with the whole idea now. Yes, I'll OC on air just a tad, who wouldn't?, but I guess my whole point to this thread was to say my PHASE COOLING, Water Cooling, and extreme (loud) air cooling days are pretty much in my past.

I will never allow myself to get to this stage; I will OC into my 90's; By hanging around with the"young & restless", I shall remain young at heart. :grin:

jmke 2nd November 2005 20:27

I'll take stability over speed ANY day of the week. The reason why I run my system at stock speeds with stock voltage.

I much prefer to have my system running stable 24/7 then speedier with a chance of losing work:)

Sidney 2nd November 2005 21:11

Since they don't listen and you can't change them, may as well go along with them from a very safe distance :)

SuperPi score and 3DMark benchmarkings don't earn you money or getting work done any faster or keeping your record straight. I'd rather getting a big pay raise from getting my work done right; on time; and be able to make contribution in productivity increase :)

Bosw8er 2nd November 2005 21:43


Originally posted by lazyman
SuperPi score and 3DMark benchmarkings don't earn you money or getting work done any faster or keeping your record straight.
Difficulty 1 = finding the wright balance between fun and money

Difficulty 2 = once your fun hobby becomes your daytime job (as a dream come true), the hobby loses 50% of it's primary fun-factor ... i can't imagine someone liking to do benchmarks as a job

stable boxes >> OC boxes

Sidney 2nd November 2005 21:52

I bet you I can still have my fun hobby last for my life time. Here is my plan -

Age and milestones

From 25 to 60 Air Cooling
From 61 to 75 Water Cooling
From 76 to day before going to my grave Vapor

I know based on my good assumption; by the time I water cool and Vapor chill, processors are running with tiny passive heatsink at much faster "rate" ( I don't want to use the word speed which may not be applicable).

Hence, I have all the intention to save keep my Prescott S478 :D

Bosw8er 2nd November 2005 22:04

From 25 - 33 : loads of fun oc-ing (was in the orb top 10 with a KT133 board and a geforce 2 gts) and modding
From 33 - 50 : buying dells so there's more family time and money-making-time
From 50 on : walking tanned at the pier/seaside of Marbella in a white tuxedo with 25-year old swedish stunners :D

jmke 2nd November 2005 22:08

how does family and 25 yr old girls mix? ;)

btw, I've beaten your uptime? :D

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