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GiantKiller 12th August 2005 13:17

Selfmade,low budget, cube case
This was the easiest way of having a 'cubecase'.
Payed 50 for the two cases. (25 each)
Mounted them together.
Made with a jigsaw at the top two squares. (120mm)
Removed the motherboard tray out of the right case. (This will be easer to place everything in order.
Made in the left door a square. So frech air can enter.
Why ? My motherboard and northbrigde became to hot. With two nexus fans of 120m, it is much better.

In the left case:
Motherboard Asus a7n8x
Barton 2800+
1 Gb DDRam memory
2 nexus fans of 120mm to cool the motherboard, northbridge and memory.
Zalman CPU en GPU watercoolingblocks
Eheim pump 1048
PSU 450w (for motherboard, CD, DVD, Harddisk) 1 x 120mm fan out

In the right case:
DVD writer
CD writer
Maxtor harddisk 80Gb
Black Ice Pro Radiotor (Hwlabs)
Alu fan of 120mm
CCFL blue light.
PSU 450w (with no stable 3.3v line, used for all the fans) 2 x 80mm out

All the fans have a Zalman Fan Mate (even the psu)

Temps at normal desktop use

CPU : 28 C
MB : 31 C

Some photo's

jmke 12th August 2005 13:34

nice project, the way I like it!

piotke 12th August 2005 14:29

Would look nicer if there was one front, to mask/hide the fact that it are 2 cases

Edit: why dit you place the reservior n the outside ? Lack of space inside ?

GiantKiller 12th August 2005 15:44

This way it was easier to fill and bleed.

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