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Bosw8er 22nd April 2003 16:50

PSU requirements
I like the Swiftech MCX462 226W Peltier. I would like to put an 80 -> 120mm adapter on it and a Delta HP which i'll control with a rheobus.

Everything looks fairly simple to do. I'll only need a more powerfull PSU. But when i look at the Swiftech requirements i noticed this: "Minimum requirements for an ATX computer power supply: 28A at +12V in a typical setup. "

:grum: ... the highest level i found on a PSU = 27A on the 12V rail

Using another PSU to power the pelt is no option. Bcause there aren't a lot of other peripherials a 550 W PSU should easily do the trick.

jmke 22nd April 2003 16:56

27A is pretty good already, if you don't get the whole 28A then you just won't be able to power the 226W peltier to full efficiently, but still enough to keep any AXP cool :)

there are PSU's which fit in a cdrom drivebay that are aimed @ powering peltiers and can provide enough A to power any peltier.

226W is :o btw.

Bosw8er 22nd April 2003 17:12

Enermax 550W PSU have min/max of 1.5A / 36A
I was mislead by the info given by the reseller. Enermax was the only brand for which i didn't consult the website of the manufacturer :grum:

Problem solved :D

I will look into PSU's which will fit in the 5,25" though.

Will be build in in the yellow box at the madlan, if possible. Then i have time and also the money to get a cheapo OC board + Ram + JIUHB

Bosw8er 23rd April 2003 10:47

I was looking for dielectric grease (before mounting the Swiftech) and the only thing i could find was this:
As far as i'm concerned this will do the trick.

Found 2 PSU's that will even fit in the 3,5" bay.

Only have to find a solution to a 120mm fan mounting on a 80mm HS in a very cramped case ... think i just adjust some plumber PVC tubing and drill yet another 120mm hole :D

jmke 23rd April 2003 10:51

not much "case" left in the end ;)

The Senile Doctor 23rd April 2003 12:42

watch out with rheobussing on an aircooled pelt :)

just remember it's a friggin 226 watt pelt that doesn't make any less power if you downtune the cpu...

You'll need a hp delta at full cool that stuff....

jmke 23rd April 2003 12:54

226Watt usually gets chilled by watercooling, but hey if he likes noise , who are we to deny him that pleasure :p

Bosw8er 23rd April 2003 14:13

Do not underestimate my information-finding-capabilities and perfectionist approach when it comes to building a play-thingy.

I only have time in july/august (preferably during madlan) to amuse myself with constructing something new. I first thought of building a H2O setup in my yellow box. But this will be more expensive, more hassle/work and less performant than the Swiftech solution.

My only problem is the 80 to 120 mm conversion/duct/... whatever. Drilling an extra 120mm hole in the transparant part to let fresh air into the box would be a solution. Ducting the 120mm intake to the HS to the 120mm outtake could be a solution :grin:

There's enough choice in +80CFM and -50dB 120mm fans.
Will order a FFB1248EHE though ... for curiosity's sake :grin:

This is a playbox. Even if it produces 50dB .. no-one will hear it at a lan ... it's for performance ... el cheapo style :D

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