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The Senile Doctor 9th June 2002 20:00

planned order by gamer and me : tweakmonster ramsinks
yea! the [M]adclockers are ordering next week,

are these l33t or what?

bit expensive though, you need eight for a ti4600 which comes to 60 euro's per card... :(
but they look nice and cool extremely well

wth, you only live once.

maybe you can test them out officially, gamer?

RichBa5tard 9th June 2002 20:08

What a nice way to get rid of your money :super:

I dunno were you buy them but they cost 32 @ dangerden (8 pieces).

I'm gonna make me some DIY copper ramHS after these exams. Would be nice to compare them to your shiney sinks. :D

TerAngreal 9th June 2002 20:14

why, shiny happy heatsinks, aren't they?

like ... Gamer, doesn't the lady of the house complain about the somewhat big expenses of the last month?

(damn, if i'm ever to be wed, i want just one like you've got!) :D

Gamer 9th June 2002 20:14

a review maybe :)

damn, they look nice and cool great.

@ RB, cheaper but you got 2 kinds I think.


The Senile Doctor 9th June 2002 20:19

I've checked with dangerden and I can get 16 of these babies to Belgium a lot cheaper but they aren't BGA's... does that make a lot of difference?

@gamer : movies suck. they never beat the [H] ;)

Gamer 9th June 2002 20:23

hmm, I would go for the BGA's, but whats the difference ?
email them ?

Bambi sucks ?

The Senile Doctor 9th June 2002 20:27

correction, these are especially for geforce 4 and they cost, all-in with shipping, about 4.50 euro /piece.
so that's quite a bit under the uk price!

[M]ad thanx @richbastard! The difference in price is BIG!
We owe you multiple is-that-R134a-you're-drinking?-beverages

I've sent a little mail @ ross, the boss @ tweakmonster asking him if the dangerden units are bga and what the actual difference is.
I'll keep you informed.

DUR0N 9th June 2002 20:42

hh, the doc can't mod ;) make them yourself you lasy bums.
TeuS made some sinks, they look good, and you don't have to sell your soul for some. I can make the too, really it's very easy :) (if you got the right tools)

The Senile Doctor 9th June 2002 20:51

That's right, I can't :D
Just thinking of doing a voltmod myself makes me curl, but I'm good at tweaking and clocking itself, I can always get some more out of a system.

To each his own. ;)
but you have to know that these sinks are being sold at all the big OC shops and they are being used by some of the biggest OC-ers around the globe... so it should mean they're simply a bit better than the rest...

GORGH 9th June 2002 20:55

can't you put mini-waterblocks on it?

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