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DDC 7th January 2009 23:46

PII and PIII Mobile on Desktop Motherboard?
Is this possible?

Maybe on slot 1:

It is done on s370:

Does anyone can solder that good? Really want this convertor :D

Massman 8th January 2009 09:03

Do you have the schemes of that?

DDC 8th January 2009 09:29

No because that mobile on desktop CPU is a never released CPU. But it does does day its possible. For what I see, only 50% of the pins is reconnected, the rest isn't. The only thing I don't know is what to do about the resistors at the backside of the CPU, maybe if we contact the owner, maybe he can search it out.

Massman 8th January 2009 09:35

I reckon it's doable to make a hypothesis about the scheme; if the P3-m can be resoldered as P3, the pin lay-out should be convertable.

Notice the should though.


DDC 8th January 2009 11:17

I don't have the steady hand to solder 250 pins :P

I will look at the pdf's

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