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windwithme 16th February 2006 11:47

OC King of Multi-media integrated motherboard - DFI RS482 Infinity
All-in-one motherboards are always ordinary - Cheaper, Limited extended ability, and Normal performance.
February, DFI launched RS482 Infinity, which is ATI RS482+SB450 chipset in
AMD939 platform.

New INFINITY packing, very shining.

This is a board for multi-media demand.
It owns ATI SurroundView for 4 monitors display as you have an extra ATI VGA card. It also bundles the multimedia cables.

The board is u-ATX. However, the upgradeability and features are very complete.

Besides built-in ATI X300 GPU, it has 1 PCI-E 16X for external VGA card, GbE LAN, 7.1 audio and 2 PCIs.

4 SATA devices.
Both chips have heat-sink. Thatˇ¦s quite and temperature is under 40 ˘J

IDE and memory slots

Around the CPU, most caps are Japanese made. The components are discrete level.
Some parts are OST caps. Anyway, the OST quality is acceptable.

IO part is another great design.
Except X300 GPU, it also has DVI-D!
Left side has S-Viedo which supports HDTV as well and S/PDIF

Userˇ¦s manual is always the weakness of DFI.
Recently, from DFI RDX200/EXPERT to Vensu/RX482, DFI increase the user manualsˇ¦ content.

The Legend...Collecting 7 colors crystal cats, miracle will happen!!!

Just as expected...Miracle happened...DFI OC blood makes everyone eye-opening.
All-in-one motherboard reached DDR600 1T in Pi 1M!!!!!

I cannot believe in 2006, most impressive product of windwithme is this
all-in-one motherboard.
I am shocked...
It can beat other brands discrete hi-end boards.
It is quite close to DFI own LANParty series.

Other test is coming soon.
I will unmask the BIOS OC options, built-in X300 performance in 3DMark
I wonˇ¦t be long...........

jmke 16th February 2006 12:21

great pictures, good OC test (as usual) , please check your PM

windwithme 17th February 2006 16:22

RS482 BIOS Introduction

After checking these OC items, you will not believe this is the BIOS for All in one motherboard

Main OC Interface

Under main OC Interface

CPU Ratio Items

HT Items

FSB 200~400. The range is quite wide and you can reach it

CPU Voltage 0.800V~1.850V

DRAM Voltage 2.5~3.2V

DRAM divided frequency options are vary. If your memory is not good enough, you
can OC your CPU to FSB 300 and your memory in DDR400

More DRAM options are the winning weapons for DFI to beat the others

So many DRAMD tunning, there are only DFI own LanParty series and MSI recent Diamond PLUS can compete.

Built-in ATI X300 can share 32/64/128MB main memory

BIOS hardware control interface has very friendly intelligent monitors.

Performance Test


AMD 939 Opteron 146
DFI RS482 Infinity
ELSA 6600GT / builtˇVin X300
MAXTOR 30GB 5400 rpm
Enlight 420W

Reached 2GBHZ DDR580 1T
This HZ pair can only reach DDR530~550 in others nF4 mainstream or middle-high boards

Built-in VGA test. Core speed 300Mhz and memory speed in200Mhz(DDR400) ; share 64MB main memory



6600GT performance



Collect 7 colors crystal cats again..... Miracle comes again...

2GB DDR600 1T enter to Windows!!!

Just spend NTD 3300.

1.Great Packing and Plenty Accessories
2.Components usage is very good
3.Great extended ability ˇV 4 SATA, 2 PCI, 1 PCI-E 16X
4.Wonderful multimedia features. 8 channel audio with S/PDIF. Add one more ATI VGA card can reach 4 monitors.
5.Even good performance in add-on VGA cards
6.BIOS OC tuning features are rich. It can reach CPU 300FSB and sync with memory. The OC ability is close to top level OC motherboards.
7.Built-in X300 display core. This is the top built-in VGA in K8 platform (X300SE market price is over 1500NTD..)

1. No SATAII (This is the ATIˇ¦s problem)

As per this motherboardˇ¦s price, the features are cannot be beaten.
It includes OC, silent, multimedia and cheap.
This is perfect board for DIY users. Windwithme is glad to recommend RS482
Infinity to all of you.

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