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windwithme 7th November 2005 13:52

New OC Legend - DFI nF4 SLI-DR EXPERT First Test
These 2 weeks, DFI has done a lot.
Just remember DFI launched ATI RD482, RDX200 CF-DR, 2 weeks ago.
I am still impressive in the OC ability, great layout and components.
Today, DFI launches revised nF4 íV EXPERT version.

Lets have a look.
The box changes to green plus EXPERT wording.
Previous nF4 is blue and RDX200 is red.

The backside of box has detail description.

The outlook of the board
We can see itíŽs similar with RDX200.
The same 100% Japanese capacitors keep good quality.

Left below
For advanced user who has audio card or TV tuner card, the original nF4 just has 2 PCI.
This version increase to 3 PCIs and keep the diagnostic LEDs.

Right below
The same as usual to have POWER&RESET switches.
4 nF4 built-in SATAII and 4 SATA from Sil3114 which supports RAID5.
Also built-in PC speaker which can be disable by jumper.

Left above
2 IDE slots.
The same as INTEL LGA775 uses 24PIN + 8PIN in power connectors.
But normal 20PIN + 4PIN POWER still can use.

IO and Memory
6 USB 2.0 + Dual Gigabit LAN + 1 IEEE1394
The memory slots are great. You can use CPU and chassis coolers to reduce the heat of memory

SLI switch is electrical.
Enlarged PCI-E gap is wonderful for user to use water blocks or compressor to tweak the VGA performance.
nF4 chipset cooler is magnetic levitated fan. ItíŽs 3000 to 7000rpm. User can adjust it by himself. This design is great for performance and low noise

The components close to CPU socket
4 phases PWM with aluminum components to enhance the stability.

The best selling point for this board
Keep the nF4 great OC blood, in memory, it break the AMD 4DIMM in DDR333 2T spce.
In EXPERT, we may can reach DDR400 1T with 2 2-2-5.
I use 2 pairs GSkill 1GBFX to test this.

Time is late. Wait for more detail test in BIOS and memory tuning............

BIOS OptionsíK

The boot up screen is getting better.

Basically, the setup is similar with previous DFI LanPARTY nF4 series.
However, the range is more flexible.

Main setup options

Built-in MEMTEST is a great tool. The version is 1.65

The highest frequency is 550

HT 1~5X also has 1.5X and 2.5X

CPU voltage also has 2 segments adjustment.
1st segment is 0.08V to 1.55V

The 2nd segment is %, maximum is 136%
The overall highest voltage is 2.108V

DRAM voltage
Previous version is setting into 2 sections : 2.5V~3.2V&3.3~4V JUMP.
This version is non-section voltage from 2.29V~4V. Even the voltage is over 3.3V, there is no heat issue as before.

SLI uses electronic switch. You can switch into 1X/16X or 8X/8X mode in BIOS

DRAM tuning options
Same as previous version
First page

Next page

The key factor of OC - DRAM Drive Strength

BIOS Temp./Speed control page

Test Congiuration

AMD K8 939 3000+ 0517
GSkill 1GBFX DDR400 2 2-2-5 2 pairs
Maxtor 30GB

Even itíŽs 512X2 DDR400 2 2-2-5, when you plug 4 DIMMs, you still need to adjust the BIOS very carefully.
DDR400 1T 4 DIMM is not CPU(AMD).MB(DFI).DRAM(GSkill) official guarantee.
All official guarantee is dual channels not 4 DIMMs in 2 channels.

Reached! DDR400 2 2-2-5 1T 512MBX4 2.68V
PI 32M finished!!!

Forget the most important accessory

Longer SLI bridge

Sidney 7th November 2005 16:03

I read users review from Newegg the new board arrangement increases both CPU and board temperatures in a cased environment.

Looking at the layout, it can be a valid statement.

1) Farther distance for exhaust fan to get the heat from CPU exhaust out the case.

2) No much room/space to get cooler air to the CPU unless a fan duct is used to get cooler air from CD bay.

3) Less air space for the PWMIC to cool off.

New Memory location may be the only benefit from cooling effect; which also has a negative impact for those putting an 80 or 92mm fan over the old position relative to case exhaust location.

windwithme 22nd November 2005 16:24




2GB Kit
GSkill 2GBHZ

DDR570 3 4-4-8 1T 2.49V PI 32M

187(V)URD@ 23rd November 2005 15:05

Lovely ram :ws:

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