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Sidney 29th July 2004 06:24

Microcool Chipsinks
Well, I'm cheap. I've been using some home made heatsink cut from beer cans - a bit of AS3 and a pin drop of super glue. While this works fine, it's kind of screwing up the look of the board. And, when I replace the board this home made sh_t is hard to get off.

Then, this came along from

Now, my board looks hell a lot better. My system temp drops a solid 4 C. While it doesn't help my OCing because I use CV, it sure cools the MOSFETS and PLL Chips to a bit comfort level. This is from the NF7-S. I will do a few more boards to see if the result is consistent.;)

Bear in mind that system temp is not really the CPU air intake temp (ideally it would be nice); it is merely a temp taken at certain spot of the board depending on the sensor location. If you could mount 10 temp sensors on different spots of the board, you'll be surprised to find 10 different temps with more than 10C in delta. Certainly, the chipsinks help reducing the temp from the "hot spots".

Since I have beer can parts in all my systems (8 of them), I'll have to do some fine "sanding" work before I could make further reporting.:^D

By the way, Gary (owner) from Sidewindercomputers is an enthusiast, and I trust that he would love to ship to BE. :D

RazoR 2nd August 2004 18:15

beercans? :s
we want pics :D

Sidney 2nd August 2004 18:30

Look closely at the picture - enlarge it and you would see the right and left hand upper corner of the heatsink where two funny looking "angled things" - the setup in Lian_Li photo.

kristos 3rd August 2004 22:34

perhaps if more people here would be interested but for just 1 or 2 sets the shipping costs will not be worth it...

Sidney 3rd August 2004 22:54

Shipping cost should not be high as the product does not weight anything and small.

For the price; it doesn't pay to make them yourself. I got some copper bar stock 1/2" square; cutting, sanding, slotting. For a buck each, I just buy them instead.

kristos 3rd August 2004 22:59

oh that's no problem, I bought a couple of older P3 and P2 heatsinks (I think, wasn't looking inside pc's when those things were the standard :)) at a "stock exchange" (beurs) just for these purposes.

Sidney 24th August 2004 05:14

They are not miracle workers, mind you. They do narrow CPU voltage swing a bit in OC'ed system. I like them.

Getting some 1/2" square copper bar stock to make several dozens for my own use.;)

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