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jmke 13th February 2008 10:11

Massman takes first spot in Team Ranking


1.        73.        -1        +34        +41        405.80        Flag of belgium Massman        313       
Flag of belgium OC-Team.Be
2.        74.        -3        -6        -24        405.30        Flag of belgium Blind        148       
Flag of belgium OC-Team.Be
3.        79.        +2        +1        -5        385.70        Flag of belgium PowerToTheUsers        397       
Flag of belgium OC-Team.Be

Congratz matey :ws: :ws:

wutske 13th February 2008 13:43

congrats :ws: :love:

Massman 13th February 2008 14:09

That's because I have no top 3D scores and Blind does ... he loses a lot of points when newer hardware arrives. :)

geoffrey 18th February 2008 21:03

Exactly, there are indeed two ways to stay on top, Massman is doing it the cheapest way :)
That's why I collected some of that older stuff, now, in one month, my points can increase by 100 points, but by the end of the month I just back at same spot.

jmke 18th February 2008 21:06

benchmarking is fulltime job:)

geoffrey 28th November 2008 17:34

Concratz to Chiller, he just got on top of our team ranking:

Chiller: 476.2 points
Massman: 473.8 points
PowerToTheUsers: 456.2 points

What will happen if Massman comes back home from his trip to Russia? Battle continues...

jmke 28th November 2008 17:59

did he take his own hardware with him?

geoffrey 28th November 2008 19:02

No idea, but I think he has been preparing his Atlon XP setup for another round. So maybe yes, guess we'll know for sure Monday morning when he starts submitting :)

blind_ripper 28th November 2008 21:10

he toke some off his hw with him ;) im not telling what toughe :D .
seems that if been setting back to long maybe il come back in 2009 .

geoffrey 30th November 2008 17:41


Massman is testing his DFI motherboard and he already hit 6.3GHz.

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