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Computer Needs 28th June 2004 03:12

Looking to Mod my old case
I have an older tower 26" tall with 6 5 "1/4 " bays and 3 3"/1/2" bays . There is room for two power supply's and 5 fans.
I have been looking for a new case like this one .but with no luck yet . I use the computer make web page home made DVD movies ECT...

any info i can help me to do the mod would be great

I'm looking colouring the case black and putting a window in

here is the list computer parts in case

ASUS A7V133 with RAID Motherboard
AMD Athlon XP 2100+ @1819Mhz
Volcano 9 Fan
786MB of SDRAM PC133
30 GB IBM Deskstar 75GXP 7200RPM Ultra ATA/100
40 GB Maxtor 7200RPM Ultra ATA/133
120 GB 8mb cache 7200rm Ultra ATA/100
TNT 2 M64 PCI 32 MB of ram
LG DVD-R/RW 8x GSA-4081B Black
Pioneer DVD (DVD-113CR) 6 x DVD -32
MSI CD-R/RW Drive 52-32-52 Black
Realtek RTL8139/810X 10/100
Creative Audio Audigy 2 ZS
450 watt atx Power Supply
TWO VIEWSONIC - Q71 Optiquest CRT 17" Monitor Black
26" case

Computer Needs 28th June 2004 04:24

looking to mob my case
Cooler Master Stacker my be my new case it's not as tall as my case it's about 3" shorter but has 11 5.25 bays to work with
and to support E-ATX, ATX and BTX configuration. The dual power supply bracket . it will need new feet on it but thats all i can see

Cooler Master Stacker

Roswell 28th June 2004 17:59

Bought me the stacker last friday...
The case rox, only have a few minors:
- only 1 hd-rack included, (diskette needs to get in there too)
- on top, the case for the power supply is 'rivetted' to the case, so you can't remove that without starting to drill.
- .. some other small details I can't remember for the moment

Computer Needs 4th July 2004 00:15

CM STACKER Case (STC-T01) - Coolermaster
I found the case it's $264.98 CAN

CM STACKER *Silver* Case (STC-T01)

the newest hardcore cooling case from Coolermaster

Product Features:

CM Stacker is a new computer chassis from Cooler Master with extremely powerful functions. The innovative design supports Extend ATX, BTX and dual power supply, making for easy upgrading. Besides its unique cross-flow fan, the CM Stacker supports up to eight regular fans, giving it unmatched cooling performance. Built from 1.0 mm thick steel plate, the CM Stacker is immensely strong, with a high-quality anti-vibration stand providing extra protection for the system. Designed for maximum extensibility and allowing the user the utmost flexibility in the utilization of space, the CM Stacker makes upgrading incredibly easy, and can be configured to meet your own personal needs with minimum hassle.

Note: Because of the size of this particular case, higher shipping costs are involved ($29.95).

Product Specifications:

Supports up to 11 5.25 drives
Moveable front control panel with 6 USB 2.0 connections
Maximum upgradeability; supports E-ATX and the upcoming BTX
Dual power positioning design
CM Stacker supports up to 8 fans
Front: Full mesh screen provides superior air flow; support up to three 12 cm fans (1 included)
Top - Ultra silent 8cm Fan * 1 (exhaust) (included)
Side: Mesh screen on side panels provides the maximum air ventilation, with 92mm fan mount (fan not included)
Rear: Ultra Silent 12cm Fan * 1 + 8 cm Fan * 2 (intake) (1 120mm fan included)
Motherboard 300mm cross flow fan; provides superior air flow for key PC components (CPU, VGA etc.)
Tool-free installation; Supports the use of screws for permanent installation
Maximum flexibility in space utilization for self-assembly
Aluminum alloy motherboard tray frame
Strengthened with 1.00mm steel plates
Superior mechanical design for greater stability

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