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leeghoofd 16th May 2009 08:15

I'm having Acard issues with the P4C800 E DLX, apparently Vista doesn't like the Promise controller at and performance is far below XP ( EG XP STARTup 82Mb vs 32Mb)

jmke 16th May 2009 09:38

are you using onboard raid controller?
I have a spare Promise PCI controller lying around here

leeghoofd 16th May 2009 09:47

Is that directed at me or to Thorsten Jmke

In my case the Intel S-ATA doesn't allow RAID to be configured, so I loose performance there. The promise RAID controller has "known" issues with Vista (better for PCmark 2005) so performance is piss poor ( can I say PISS here ?)

I'll keep in touch for thursday

jmke 16th May 2009 09:53

yes you can piss away your education here. My reply was directed to you; but I think you're screwed with such an old board. Why try ACARD though? PCMark is ranked by CPU used; no need for an AGP board there;)

leeghoofd 16th May 2009 10:00

I have 3-4 more 478 CPU's incoming ( repairs and 2 won on Ebay ) with the Acard I get massive HD troughput (if it works properly) and can grab some easy points for the team. Look at eg the Pentium 4 2.0 results. The guy tops the Oc'ed 3.6ghz at stock speed with the help of Irams and co... ram disks are essential for Pcmark John.

For the rest wil try to push the CPU's on air and then under phase after some testing ( max FSB and co ). Till now the results are average (no golden egg in there :p)

jmke 16th May 2009 10:08

OCZ Vertex will do the same , much easier to install/config :D

leeghoofd 16th May 2009 10:11

Tested that, performance is slower John then the Acard...

OS is on the Vertex ( hooked up to the Intel S-ATA ) and the Acard to the Promise. Tried switching and the Vertex performance is also slower on the Promise (bummer).

If you can miss that controller I would love to give it a spin as I need massive improvement ( need to get 5900 points , I'm at 4900 flat )

Too bad you don't have the 60Gb version too, maybe in RAID they can do it

jmke 16th May 2009 10:14


Originally Posted by leeghoofd (Post 238008)
Tested that, performance is slower John then the Acard...

yes duh:) Vertex is maybe slower than ACARD, but mighty fast compared to HDDs:)
with Vertex on the onboard Intel controller, what XP startup did you get?

leeghoofd 16th May 2009 10:20

I don't recall as the total score was 300 points less than with the acard, so I didn't look into it.

Is that Promise PCI controller S-ATA or IDE ?

Will test more on thursday, gonna hunt for a school for the little critter in a moment. Tonite and tomorrow it's party time !

jmke 16th May 2009 10:21

maybe less than ACARD, but more than HDD ;)

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