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Kakaroto 2nd September 2005 10:59

G.SKILL PC3200 2GB HS Testreport and some OC work

Well guys, you might know G.skill launched a new 2GB (2x1GB) set with Samsung IC and offcourse with Brainpower PCB. :D

The specs:

***F1-3200USU2-2GB HS*** NEW

Photo: click
Code: HS
PCB: B6U808 v1.1
Flavor: 2x 1GB
Rated speed 1: DDR400 2.5-3-3-6 2.5 ~ 2.7v
Rated speed 2: n/a
Command Rate: 1T
Heatspreader?: Yes
Overall overclock potential: 2
Market segment: Powerusers

Recommended Platform:: AMD S-A/S754/S939/S940 INTEL S478/S755
Recommended Mainboard AMD: DFI LP NF4 series, MSI K8N Neo4 series, EpoX EP-9NPA series, Abit Fatal1ty series

Test system

- Athlon 64 3000+ venice
- DFI lanparty nF4 SLI-D (Bios 623-3)
- Tagan 480Watt-U22

Some pics of the product

As you can see PC3200 DDR400Mhz rated and offcourse 1T command rate.
This memory is not ment for extreme overclocking, better modules will come!

Stock action

SuperPI 32M loop

Everest benchmarks

Sandra benchmarks

Some little OC work => 220Mhz

SuperPI 32M loop

Memtest loop

Some little OC work => 240Mhz

SuperPI 32M loop

Sandra benchmarks

Some more OC work => 250Mhz

Memtest86++ test 8

Sandra benchmarks

As you can see only with 2.5-3-3-6 1T. soon some more pushes with 3-3-3-X and 2.5-4-4-X :D

This memory looks very good for Socket-A users and value users who want cheap 2GB and run them in 1T.

This memory has some good points compare to a 4x512MB setup.

- 1T commandrate
- cheaper then 4x 512MB
- upgrade possibility to future 4GB


Rutar 2nd September 2005 11:12

250 MHz for 1 GB sticks at that timings is very very good

What is the price of these?

Kakaroto 2nd September 2005 11:44

250MHz is still not 32SPI stable, only 1/2/4 and 8M..

The price will be around 220-240 $. I don't know how much in euros yet.

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