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windwithme 16th January 2009 17:24

DDR2/DDR3 Combo MB–MSI P45-8D Memory Lover Performance Test
Currently, the unprecedented low cost DDR2 and some mainstream 2GB products can be purchased under NT$500 (about 15 USD)
due to vicious selling and competition of IC manufacturing in the memory market.
The DDR3 price is quite low. The entry-level 1GB DDR3 1333 is only NT$1000 (about 33 USD).
But, I personally believe that this is not a normal marketing ecology.
In the past, a mainstream DRAM price is at least 33USD. But right now, most people still choose the DDR2 memory.
So the DDR2 + DDR3 combo motherboard still have the position in the market.

With such vicious competition in the DRAM market, some large-scale IC plant will run out of business.
Then the small number of IC manufacturers will monopolize the market which unfortunately will victimize the consumers.
So price competition is not a good thing indeed.
Perhaps in the future, the expensive DRAM products will happen again just like many years ago.

This time, I tested the MSI P45-8D Memory Lover, which is P45 + ICH10R motherboard equipped with 4 DIMM DDR2 and 4 DIMM DDR3 memory slots.
Different from the previous P45 series’ Orc patterns, this package uses a very clear product positioning.

Accessories include wires, XP/VISTA driver CD, I/O shields, eSATA/USB expansion port.

MSI P45-8D Memory Lover motherboard

1 X PCI-EX16
Realtek ALC999 High Definition Audio Codecs, supports 7.1-channel.
Realtek RTL8111C Gigabit Ethernet controller

South Bridge ICH10R supports AHCI controller and SATA RAID 0/1/5/10
2 X SATAII(JMicronR 363)
1 X IDE(JMicronR 363)
Built-in Power/Reset button and D-LED2 information display, easy to use for the DIY users.

This motherboard is equipped with 8 DIMM DRAM memory slots.
There are 4 DIMM of DDR2 in 667/800/1066MHz (overclocking).
1066 is the special specifications for overclocking set up. DDR2 memory maximum supports to 16GB.
There are 4 DIMM of DDR3 in 800/1066/1333/1600MHz (overclocking).
1600 is the special specifications for overclocking set up. DDR3 memory maximum supports to 8GB.
Of course, these two DRAM specifications cannot be used together, because the design and voltage are different.
Using the DDR2/DDR3 together can lead to hardware damage.

Comes with five-phase power supply and solid capacitors can strengthen the durability for prolonged use.
This product also supports MSI DrMOS energy-saving technology.

4 X USB 2.0
1 X IEEE1394
1 X Clear CMOS
There is also a LPT printer port, although most people will rarely use it,
but some companies still use the old-type printer.
It is an essential device.

The North Bridge is using the butterfly-shaped catheter design heat sink which is connected with the South Bridge.
There is an OC jumper next to the heat sink which enables users to set up the overclocking FSB easily.

windwithme 16th January 2009 17:28

BIOS main screen

Cell Menu

CPU Voltage 0.9111~+1.8801V
DRAM Voltage 1.428~3.324V
MCH Voltage 0.728~2.624V
VTT Voltage 0.90~2.47V

MSI’s exclusively Memory-Z, which is similar to CPU-Z function, enables user to see the DRAM-related information through BIOS.

DRAM parameters details

ClockGen Tuner
Dual-core CPU can try to adjust CPU CLK Skew to increase the FSB limit.

DDR2 Options

Two setting groups enables user to store or access the preference settings.

H/W Monitor

Testing Platform
CPU: INTEL Core 2 Duo E8400/Quad Q8200
MB: MSI P45-8D Memory Lover
DRAM: CORSAIR Dominator TWIN2X4096-8500C5D
VGA: MSI HD4670 512MB
HD: Seagate 7200.10 320GB
POWER: CORSAIR 400W Power Supply
Cooler: Thermaltake V1 AX/JETART Nano Diamond

windwithme 16th January 2009 17:32

Dual-Core E8400 E0

500 X 9=>4.5G
Hyper PI 32M stable



521.7 X 8=>4173.9Mhz
SP2004 stable.

Quad-Core Q8200 M1
420 X 7=>2940Mhz
Hyper PI 32M stable

2GBX2 CORSAIR Dominator TWIN2X4096-8500C5D

DDR2 1056 CL5 5-5-15 2T 1.90V
SP2004 in Blend mode and 3GB stable

EVEREST bandwidth testing

MSI HD4670 512MB

OC 833/2250


Crysis Benchmark

MSI P45-8D Memory Lover
Testing Result
1.Multi DDR2/DDR3 DIMM support is the main selling point of this product.
2.All Made-in-Japan solid capacitor and good appearance of heat-pipe and heat sink.
3.Utilizing 6+2 SATA slots and 2 eSATA expansion slots, a total of 10 SATA slots can be installed.
4.E8400 dual-core can reach 520 FSB stable which provides a pretty good OC ability.
5.MSI’s exclusive DrMOS energy-saving technology and all Made-in-Japan solid capacitors.

1.Only one PCIE X16 slot can not support ATI CrossFireX Dual-card technology.
2.If the FSB of Quad-core can reach to 450MHz, the stability will be better.

Performance ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Features/ component ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Appearance: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
C/P ratio ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

MSI P45-8D Memory Lover is currently priced at NT$4800 (about 145 USD).
Because it is a Combo motherboard, so I do not request too much in the overclocking capability.
Dual-core can be stabilized to achieve 520MHz, as well as 2GBX2 DDR2 can also be stabilized to achieve 1056MHz.
Basically, the overclocking capability is better than my requirements. The performance is also good.
When users want to upgrade the motherboard,
users can use the existing DDR2 memory to save money as well as retain the future escalation of the DDR3 memory flexibility.
While the price of DDR3 memory declines, users can utilize this to increase the performance.
MSI P45-8D Memory Lover provides the best P45 combo motherboard solution.

Network related news also pointed out that, Intel has announced that LGA775+P45 series motherboards is still the mainstream in 2009.
Personally, I think that the P45-8D Memory Lover with the ultra-low-cost DDR2 can be aimed at the general demand for overclocking.
Or, when the DDR3 become the mainstream in 2009 and its price is reduced, it is the better P45 motherboard for prolonged use.

jmke 16th January 2009 17:37

Massman's review: :)

DDR3 won't be mainstream until end of 2010 ;)

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