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jmke 7th July 2005 18:58

been using the Coolermaster for 2 years now, last december I removed my trusted P4 system and install A64.

today I decided to clean the internals a bit, as some dust was collecting in every corner, used the opportunity also to install newly acquired SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro..

had a bit of difficulty removing the 2x80mm front fans, as it turned out, the dust filter was shredded to pieces by one of the 80mm fans, and that fan had pretty much given up, sounding horrible and spinning very slow; so I replaced those fans with 2x more flashy ones and also removed the now faulty dust filter;

ready to go another few years!

kr15t0f 7th July 2005 20:54

dirty case, clean the front :D

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