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jmke 27th February 2003 20:18

Chieftec -> Coolermaster
At the beginning of 2002 I changed my AOpen HQ08 case for a Chieftec Black Maxitower

Now another year has passed and my paycheck is bigger then last year, so I was able to afford a Coolermaster :)

Aopen -> Chieftec -> Coolermaster .. what next? :grin:

anywayz, after 1 year you can be sure that is has collected some dust

The beast:

The beast within:

Dusty indeed:

Side by Side:

New case, New toys, floppydrive sized rheobus:

doesnt look half-bad actually:

After I removed everything from the old case, I took out the motherboard tray:

and was almost ready for insertion:

This is how it looks inside, all the HD bays are FULL, the case is what you might call "a tight fit"

getting the fans hooked up to rheobus was also a nice way to find out how flexible your fingers are.. mine are okay =)

I hooked everything up, dragged it back to my room (I'm guessing it lost 30-40% of the weight compared to the chieftec)

yep it's working fine, checked the temperatures using the Winbond utility which reads from the onboard sensors.

-- Chieftec
CPU Idle: 50C
CPU Load: 60C

-- Coolermaster
CPU Idle: 42C
CPU Load: 48C

oki pretty impressive difference.. but I had 4 casefans in the Chieftec which were no longer hooked up.. then I remembered why.. *BLAM* PC cold reboots.. the PSU is not able to provide sufficient power to keep 4 HDs, 1 CDRW, GF4 Ti4600 & one overclocked P4 & 4 RDRAM sticks AND 4x 80mm fans up & running. (Enermax 340Watt)

Jumped in my car drove to Comtechnology to get me a 420Watt Superflower. While I was there I also got some AS3.. cause I remembered something, previously I forgot to remove the Pentium 4 1.6Ghz...(contest starting 3rd March anyone?)

got home and removed the "old" PSU & placed the new one.

another 5min later I was ready to install a brandnew "RMA" P4 2.26ghz on my motherboard.. The ABIT TH7II-Raid

the Abit doesn't support FSB533 CPU's..

applied AS3:

reinstalled the Volcano 7+ cooler. So back in my room I pressed the power-on button.

Ha li loooojjaaa.. it boots @ the settings it had before, 150FSB x 17 = 2550Mhz.. core voltage is down to 1.44v , upped it to 1.50v. Booted into windows and checked the temperatures

Idle temps: 48C

hmm something ain't right here..
start Prime95.. CPU temp rises to 75C, PC slows down to a crawl.. hmmm. thank god for Intel & the onboard thermal protection.

reseated the Volcano 7+ (this has happened before, it doesn't fit right away and you have to retry couple of times)

Idle temps: 41C
Loaded temps: 53C

that's more like it!

Primed all day without a crash, so I'm pretty happy with my "free" 150Mhz extra power (lol)

The rheobus looks like this in the dark:

Don't mind the colour of floppy and Plextor :*

see you guys next year :grin:

Scyver 27th February 2003 22:18

Nice very nice indeed :super:

T33J4Y 27th February 2003 22:37

/me wants that paycheck .

The Senile Doctor 28th February 2003 07:13

nais case.

I want WC for my gpu inside my atcs410 case and guess what : there ain't no place :)

eh 12th March 2003 22:25

r u planning on selling the chieftec?

jmke 12th March 2003 23:03

Nope recycling it to replace my AOPEN HQ08 =-)

Devil's Prophet 13th March 2003 22:31

I really don't get it: the coolermaster temps are WAY better than de chieftec ones, but the chieftec handles much more fans and has much more place to offer to your devices.

Darn, maybe is alu a good material after all ? :-)

jmke 15th March 2003 15:52

all the fans in the Chieftec were disconnected cause it was too loud!

:-/ not too fair I know :)
this is not a review either :p

quarantaine 15th March 2003 16:41


Originally posted by jmke
Nope recycling it to replace my AOPEN HQ08 =-)
if you are planning to throw the hq08 away , throw it my way :p

jmke 15th March 2003 16:53


jmke 7th July 2005 18:58

been using the Coolermaster for 2 years now, last december I removed my trusted P4 system and install A64.

today I decided to clean the internals a bit, as some dust was collecting in every corner, used the opportunity also to install newly acquired SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro..

had a bit of difficulty removing the 2x80mm front fans, as it turned out, the dust filter was shredded to pieces by one of the 80mm fans, and that fan had pretty much given up, sounding horrible and spinning very slow; so I replaced those fans with 2x more flashy ones and also removed the now faulty dust filter;

ready to go another few years!

kr15t0f 7th July 2005 20:54

dirty case, clean the front :D

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