Bezos agrees that space jollies are not the best use of his cash

@ 2021/07/22
Yeah, should be doing a bit more about the environment

Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who became the first man to ride into space on a giant sex toy, has agreed that it probably was not a good use of his stonking wealth.

The flight of the penis-shaped rocket, complete with helmet, and painting of bulbous veins down the side, attracted some criticism on social media as a waste of cash which would probably have been better off spent paying tax.

In an interview with CNN ahead of his planned Tuesday morning space voyage in a rocket built by his company Blue Origin, Bezos was asked for his thoughts on critics who call the extraterrestrial flights "joyrides for the wealthy, and [who say] you should be spending your time and your money and energy trying to solve problems here on Earth".

"Well, I say they are largely right", said Bezos, who Bloomberg estimates is worth $206 billion. "We have to do both. We have lots of problems here on Earth and we have to work on those."

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