TweetDeck could soon look much more like Twitter’s web app

@ 2021/07/21
TweetDeck is a secret weapon for Twitter power users. The column layout allows them to keep tabs on tweets from a large number of accounts at once, using Twitter’s handy lists. That could be about to change, based on an image Twitter shared of the "new and improved TweetDeck" that it's testing. At first glance, it looks a lot like the standard Twitter web app.

The company is testing the revamped TweetDeck with a few users in the US, Canada and Australia. Twitter product head Kayvon Beykpour said the updated TweetDeck includes "a full tweet composer, new advanced search features, new column types, and a new way to group columns into clean workspaces." A menu on the left lists a number of "decks" centered around things like food, entertainment and news, as well as a "primary" deck.

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