Huawei builds world's fastest smartphone

@ 2013/02/26
Huawei has just built what it thinks is the world's fastest phone, which, while cutting edge, will probably not be seen in the US because of that nation's paranoia about all things Chinese.

Huawei has dubbed its new flagship product "the fastest smartphone in the world" and wants to use it to expand global awareness of its brand.

Showing off the phone at a press conference at Mobile World Congress, Richard Yu, head of Huawei's consumer business group, said the new phone can be programmed to display more than 100 different "themes" or looks.

According to AP, in a face palm moment, Yu said that this was important because "ladies like flowers, colourful things".

The new phone, the Ascend P2, will have a 4.7 inch screen. Yu said it will be available in the April to June time frame for about $525 without a contract. It's the "fastest" because it supports faster download speeds than other phones.

It might be a while before today's mobile networks are ready to supply the promised speeds.

Huawei is doing rather well in Europe, where mobile phone companies have embraced its network equipment, and France's Orange is committed to selling the phone.

The US is another matter. A congressional panel recommended that phone carriers should not do business with Huawei for fear that its network equipment could contain back doors that enable access to communications from China.

The Chinese government rejected the report as false and an effort to block Chinese companies from the US market.

Huawei's global brand director, Amy Lou, said that the success of Huawei had not been easy, but claimed that in the civilised world, it has become a great name consumer brand in the making.

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