Silicon Power S57 240GB TLC SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2017-02-05

Silicon Power is continuing the line of affordable SSDs by releasing the S57 model that is available in both 120GB and 240GB variants; the product is aimed towards mainstream computers, which still pack slow 5400RPM hard drives as boot drives in order to boost the read speeds and access times considerably.

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SP Toolbox

SP Toolbox utility has been recently released by Silicon Power and allows the user to interact directly with the SSD statistics. The fist tab, Device Info allows us to check out the current firmware version of the drive, used space, total data written but also the current drive temperature:




The Health tab is next, where we will get to see the current state of the drive, along with the estimated remaining life:




S.M.A.R.T. info can be also consulted here:




Wear Out Count menu displays even more in-depth information:




If we have experienced issues with the product, we can always go to the Diagnostics Scan tab and check the SSD:




The final tab, Performance Test does also act as a benchmark:




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