Patriot Supersonic Rage Prime 1TB USB 3.2 Gen2 Flash Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2021-10-11 read/post comments(0)

Patriot was not joking to include the Supersonic Rage Prime as a member of their Extreme Performance drives, since it really delivers! The read/write performance has topped our charts, while the 1TB storage variant should be enough for most users when transferring data from one computer to another. The plastic capless design is durable and does not need any extra drivers to operate at the advertised speeds, the only condition would be that the computer comes with USB 3.2 Gen2 ports. read more


Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2021-10-04 read/post comments(0)

After configuring the DPI steps, buttons and polling rate to our own liking, we fired up Marvel’s Avengers, AION, Rogue Company and the remastered Quake. The low weight of only 79g, easily accessible programmable buttons and comfortable shape do transform the SABRE RGB PRO WIRELESS in a very pleasant experience. The high-end sensor is quite overkill for most situations and we do get near-cable latency thanks to the SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS connectivity. read more

Toshiba Canvio Gaming 4TB Portable HDD Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2021-10-01 read/post comments(0)

The Canvio Gaming 4TB offers good performance for an external 2.5’’ 5400RPM drive and is silent during operation as well. The amount of storage should be plenty for a big game collection and while not getting the same access times as on an SSD model, the product can sustain high speed transfer rates for longer versus cheap-QLC based solutions. read more

Silicon Power Share C20QC Power Bank Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2021-09-27 read/post comments(0)

The Share C20QC from Silicon Power offers enough juice for charging multiple devices at once, but also for powering action cameras such as the GoPro Hero series. It supports fast charge technologies such as Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Power Delivery and incorporates protection technologies named by the manufacturer as smartSHIELD. read more

Silicon Power XPOWER XD80 PCIe Gen 3x4 1TB SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2021-09-19 read/post comments(0)

The Phison PS5012-E12S-based drive paired with Toshiba 96-layer TLC packages is able to deliver great performance for a PCIe 3.0 drive; the installed heatsink allows the drive to keep temperatures at bay and avoid throttling, while the five year warranty is very nice to have! read more

CORSAIR HS80 RGB WIRELESS Premium Gaming Headset with Spatial Audio Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2021-09-13 read/post comments(0)

Right after adjusting the headband of the HS80 RGB Wireless, the headset felt immediately more comfortable versus the previous HS iterations. The overall construction feels light, even if it also needs to house batteries for up to 20 hours of autonomy. The 50mm drivers deliver great low frequencies, as well as well represented mids and highs, making the HS80 great not only for gaming but for the rest of multimedia contents as well! Can we add to the mix the broadcast-quality microphone, which is light, easily accessible with the flip design to take calls for work and be easily understood? read more
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Former Boeing chief technical pilot involved in 737 Max testing charged with fraud

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Mark A. Forkner, Boeing's former chief technical pilot involved in the company's 737 Max testing, was indicted for fraud by a grand jury in Texas. Due to his position with the company, he was in charge of coordinating with the… Go To Full Article

Alienware celebrates its 25th birthday with a redesigned flagship gaming desktop

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Alienware began operations 25 years ago in a garage near Miami, and the Dell-owned brand is celebrating the milestone anniversary with a stylish gaming PC. The latest Aurora system has a redesigned chassis that has extra internal space and more… Go To Full Article

OCC checks out the new Pure Power 11 FM!

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
OverclockersClub checks out a cool new power supply from be quiet! be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM : Go To Full Article

ORICO M2PAC3-G20 NVMe Enclosure @ TechPowerUp

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
With its 20 Gbps interface, the ORICO M2PAC3-G20 aims to be a functional enclosure that is fast enough to get the most out of mainstream PCIe 3x4 NVME drives. With its simple but effective design, the housing will also act… Go To Full Article

Crytek released Crysis Remastered comparison trailer

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Can your PC run the upcoming Remastered versions? Crytek has released a rather interesting comparison trailer ahead of the launch of Crysis 2 Remastered and Crysis 3 Remastered which are expected to launch tomorrow, coming to PC… Go To Full Article

Virgin Galactic delays the start of its paid spaceflights to the end of 2022

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Virgin Galactic has suffered yet another setback. On Thursday, the company told CNBC it has delayed the start of its commercial space tourism service to the fourth quarter of 2022. It had previously hoped to begin offering paid spaceflights sometime… Go To Full Article

Antec Draco 10 @ TechPowerUp

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
The Antec Draco 10 is an mATX chassis aiming to deliver cool looks and a clean design with a bit of ARGB bling for those on a tight budget. While affordably priced, it still provides dual USB 3.0 as well… Go To Full Article

US Army delays Microsoft's $22 billion HoloLens deal

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
American soldiers won't be training with HoloLens headsets for a while. Reuters and Windows Central report the US Army has delayed the deployment of the HoloLens-based Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) by a year, to September 2022. Janesunderstood the delay… Go To Full Article

Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone mode is about collecting intel with your team

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
As is the way of things when it comes to revealing a major game's features these days, EA has been drip-feeding info about Battlefield 2042 over the last several months. To wit, it has only just pulled back the curtain… Go To Full Article

Tinder thinks you should bring a stranger as a date to your next wedding

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Tinder wants to help you find a date for the next wedding you plan to attend. The dating app now includes a “Plus One” feature that allows you to indicate whether you’re looking for a wedding date or open to… Go To Full Article

PlayStation 5 Power Supply (ADP-400DR) @ TechPowerUp

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
The Sony PlayStation 5 uses a power supply by Delta Electronics. There is no data on the performance of this PSU, so we got curious and fully evaluated it to give you an idea of how the console's PSU performs.… Go To Full Article

Missouri governor threatens to prosecute journalist for sharing web security flaw

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Missouri Governor Mike Parson might want to read up on the differences between disclosing and exploiting security flaws. According to The Missouri Independent, Parson accused a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter of being a "hacker" for having the audacity to... report… Go To Full Article

Ghost Robotics strapped a gun to its robot dog

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Boston Dynamics, the company most commonly associated with robot dogs, prohibits the weaponization of its Spot devices. That's not the case for all robot dog manufacturers, however. One of them, Ghost Robotics, showed off a version of its Q-UGV device… Go To Full Article

Google mobile search results get ‘continuous scrolling’ treatment

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
You’ll soon have an easier time scrolling through search results on your phone. In the US, Google is rolling out a tweak that does away with the “See more” prompt you’ve had to tap on previously to load additional search… Go To Full Article

Nanoleaf Lines are customizable smart light bars

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Nanoleaf knows that its users sometimes crave something a bit more minimal than LED light panels that stretch across their wall. That’s why the company is launching Lines, a series of backlight LED light bars which offer the same features… Go To Full Article

House bill would limit Section 230 protections for 'malicious' algorithms

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Congress is once again hoping to limit Section 230 safeguards under certain circumstances. Rep. Frank Pallone and other House Democrats are introducing a bill, the Justice Against Malicious Algorithms Act (JAMA), that would make internet platforms liable when they "knowingly… Go To Full Article

Microsoft to shut down LinkedIn in China over 'challenging operating environment'

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
LinkedIn will shut down the Chinese version of its service later this year. The company cited "a significantly more challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements in China" as the reasons for closing the local edition of its social network… Go To Full Article

Spotify opens its Car Thing waitlist to all US users

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Spotify is expanding US availability of its Car Thing, an $80 music and podcast player for vehicles. The company debuted the gizmo back in the spring on an invite-only basis and only charged users for shipping during a test phase. Go To Full Article

The best fitness trackers you can buy

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
The fitness tracker isn’t dead, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the people keeping these little devices alive. Smartwatches have all but taken over the mainstream wearable space, but the humble fitness tracker remains an option for… Go To Full Article

HTC’s Vive Flow is a $499 lightweight VR headset built for entertainment and wellness

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
HTC is today launching a lightweight headset designed to split the difference between a standalone VR headset and a personal cinema. The HTC Vive Flow is a pair of glasses weighing just 189 grams (6.6 pounces) which pair with a… Go To Full Article

MSI MPG Velox 100R Chassis Review

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Andy delves deep into the caverns of this chassis. Worth £130? Go To Full Article

What to expect from Apple’s October 18th ‘Unleashed’ event

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
On October 18th, Apple will hold its second event of the fall and likely last event of the year. The invite the company sent out this time doesn’t provide any hints on what announcements we should expect, but thanks to… Go To Full Article

Unsupported PCs With Windows 11 Are Receiving Updates For Now

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Windows 11 is here, and lots of people are looking to run it on their unsupported PCs. Microsoft said that it wouldn’t provide updates to Windows 11 users on unsupported computers, but it turns out the company has released its… Go To Full Article

Twitter tests ads in the replies to tweets

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Don't be surprised if your Twitter feed is cluttered with more advertising than usual. The Vergereports that Twitter is testing a format that displays ads in the replies to a given tweet. As Revenue Product Lead Bruce Falk explains, those… Go To Full Article

A bunch of Bose headphones and earbuds are on sale at Amazon right now

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
It's smart to try to get some of your holiday shopping done early this year and Amazon's making it a bit easier to do so for those looking for solid headphones and earbuds to gift. The online retailer has a… Go To Full Article

Facebook is using first-person videos to train future AIs

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
One of the obvious goals of almost every computer vision project is to enable a machine to see, and perceive, the world as a human does. Today, Facebook has started talkingabout Ego4D, its own effort in this space, for which… Go To Full Article

Amazon’s second-gen Echo Show 8 falls back to $100

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
If you missed the chance to grab the new Echo Show 8 during Amazon's Prime Day event in July, you may want to check the smart display's listing on Amazon. It's currently on sale for $100, $30 less than its… Go To Full Article

Google's Pocket Gallery art museum experiences come to the web

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Google's Pocket Gallery came along in 2018, allowing users with AR-enabled smartphones to see artworks by the likes of Vermeer and Klimt, even pieces normally not accessible to the public. Now, Google is opening up the exhibitions to everyone on… Go To Full Article

AMD chips suffer under Windows 11

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Probably better to give the OS a miss for a bit AMD has warned that its chips are experiencing performance issues in Windows 11, and now Microsoft’s first update to its new OS has made the problems… Go To Full Article

Google suing Epic now

@ 2021/10/15 read/post comments(0)
Tame Apple Press cheers Epic Games, which dared to take on the fruity cargo cult Apple and its mighty briefs, is now being sued by Google. Google is countersuing Epic for breach of contract… Go To Full Article

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