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piotke 17th September 2006 21:31

XFX 7900GS videocard review
There are people on this planet that will spend over $1000 dollar on a graphics subsystem. But there are far more people around that just want to spend about $200-250 on an excellent, allround graphics card. If you fit in the last category, The XFX 7900GS might very well be the card you're looking for...

piotke 17th September 2006 21:38

Good work Thorgal !

Sidney 17th September 2006 22:31

This card OCs very well. Nicely done Thorgal :)

thorgal 18th September 2006 08:27

Thanks guys.

I enjoyed testing this card, as I always like products that are able to run a bit above their spec ;)

Question remains whether you go for a 7900GT or this card, but I can tell you that without vmods the XFX is faster. It's all a question of how far you're willing to go...

Sidney 21st September 2006 14:25

My card shows artifacts after a couple weeks of use at default speed :(

jmke 27th September 2006 18:28

return for RMA!

Sidney 17th November 2006 20:12

I did; and received another one that has been working fine for a month :) No time to play any game since last summer.

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