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Sidney 6th April 2005 14:47

What sells?
From last yearís favorite games that dominated the need for faster graphic cards, Doom3 and HL2 are now behind us. For those who finished the games might have gone back the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time like I did. Before the next blockbuster game arrives, I revert back to the driving pleasure, something that is more related to my immediate surrounding.

Games that use our imagination in doing and experiencing something that we might not be able to see in our lifetime versus games that are more related in our society yet we donít quite dare to try and experiment Ė for example HL2 versus Grand Turismo signal day versus night in my mind.

In this case HL2 is night dream; Grand Turismo is day-dream. I enjoy driving since I was a teenager. I surely can express my aggressive behavior with a bit of caution to demonstrate my driving skill in choosing a car that I could not afford driving otherwise. I also enjoy trap and rifle target shooting; in counter strike, I imagine I could master the small arms with precision shooting skill.

Well, I have not touched Doom3 for over three months; I played HL2 the fourth time two months ago. Yet, I find myself sticking to games that are more related to my immediate surroundings. Crisom Skies and Combat Flight Simulator are still my favorites for many years.

What sells hot today may become very cold tomorrow or be lurk warm over time, the decision is very personal indeed.

agent #2 6th April 2005 14:58

I bought half life 2 in mid-februari and now that I have my pc back, I started playing it. I really like it.
I haven't finished Doom 3 yet, but I will someday. It's been a while since I played it.
My favorite is still Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault. I've been playing it since end 2002/begin 2003 and I still like it. But it's getting old. :(
I think I'm going to try Brothers in Arms. My friend has it, I'll try it at his place or 'borrow' it.

jmke 6th April 2005 15:32

Played HL2 once. that's about it. did not finish Doom3.. too boring. GT4 is a bit more addictive. Mostly only games in LAN or with 2+ on console. single player is quite boring

kristos 7th April 2005 23:07

playing World of Warcraft almost whenever I can :)

but I find myself also going back to much older games like Dungeon Keeper and more of the like :)

SuAside 8th April 2005 09:42

jup WoW all the way ^^

you should also try Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines if you havent yet, it sells for about 13-15 euros in belgian shops. (the dev went bankrupt although their last 2 games were voted RPG of the year... no-one wanted to finance the next game, go figure.)

be warned though VtM-B isnt a 'clearcut' rpg, it's an action RPG. very enjoyable & although there are some bugs, you'll love it :)

agent #2 8th April 2005 10:58

Yeah, the memory bug is anoying.

Blue_Boy 11th April 2005 15:09

I just finished Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door, i had 31 hours of fun with it.
My to finish list:

-Eternal Darkness
-Commandos 3
-Myst 3
-Black & White
-Metroid Prime
-Super Mario Sunshine
-Prince Of Persia

Guess i like nintendo games, i'm not your average gamer, i don't go with the blockbuster stream...
I'm really looking forward to a pc port of MGS3, that series is absolutely incredible in my humble opinion.

TheTarget 21st May 2006 19:47

I've been playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion quite a bit lately. I am sure I will be playing Prey, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and BioShock after they are released.

agent #2 13th June 2006 13:45

Lately I've been playing Silkroad Online. It's a free MMORPG and it looks really nice. Not what you should expect from something free.

Besides that I also play Call of Duty 2 on PC.

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