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RichBa5tard 3rd June 2002 23:56

Ultimate Fan guide
If anyone dares to ask which fan they're supposed to use with their HS, or which casecooling they should use, feel free to throw this in their face. :)

jmke 3rd June 2002 23:58

w00p , nice work matey
shouldn't you be with your nose in the books.. you got finals! ;)

jASjE 4th June 2002 12:33

nice :ws:
check your mailto: links though, 2 errors I found at first sight:

"Replace the standard fan with an papst NGL (12dBa !). Unhearable and cools the unit just enough. I haven't tried this on +350Watt PSU's, it could be it's unefficient cooling for a 500W power supply. Please let me know if you have experience with this."

the let me know has an error in the link

also in the end, the
"If you have any comments on this, feel free to email me. "
has an error

jmke 4th June 2002 12:36

fix0red :D

Gamer 4th June 2002 17:42

nice work friend,
keep up the good work, don't forget your schoolwork :)

cR00zIFI><3r 4th June 2002 18:59

idd, very nice....
I'm learning a lot on this forum!!!!!!:D :D :D

DL33T 4th June 2002 23:14

AWESOME guide!
I always had a good feeling about the Papst fans :D

DUR0N 5th June 2002 16:15

shame that you didn't tested the vantec fans. Heard good things about them...and the ad's say it is 'silent' ( :rolleyes: )

Falco 23rd June 2002 10:14

Waar zou ik zo'n papst NH (37dBa) online kunnen bestelleN?

RichBa5tard 23rd June 2002 10:25

I ordered them @, but they seem out of stock now.

Just mail them and ask when they're expected back in stock.

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