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jmke 11th June 2003 23:20

Thermaltake Xaser III
A-star cranks out his first review for [M] :ws: !

A testdrive around the installation course with the Thermaltake Xaser III. Is it the best case out there or does it have some flaws? Find out in this review!

yeehaa!! 12th June 2003 00:09

I have a Tt Xaser III V1000+, manuel included ;)

Gamer 12th June 2003 19:04

nice one A-star.

jakkerd 12th June 2003 21:12

tumbs up :super:

RichBa5tard 12th June 2003 21:31

Great, easy to read article thanks to all the pictures!

If you ever need to lend my digicam again, just ask! :)

Unregistered 12th June 2003 22:40

The review is spot on. I've been using a variation of the case (without the windowed side panel) for 3 months now. The biggest problem setting up the case for me was:

1. The PCI Retension Mechanism (Almost all my cards were too big to be held in place by the clips.

2. The harddrive cables ment putting the side panel on was a real pain. I have 5 scsi disks and using conventional flat scsi cables put of course scsi cables have to be termitated, so there are 2 terminaters pertruding out towards the side panel. As I said the panel does fit but it is a tight squeeze.

Nice review.

DW@RF 13th June 2003 07:58

Nice Job A star

:mad: w00t w00t :mad:

XeQuiNoX 2nd July 2003 20:59

I\'ve got a Xaser III to.
It\'s a great case.
Does anyone know how to connect the top audio in-and outconnectors to my mainboard an ASUS P4PE because there seem to be more single connectors on the cables as there are pins on the audio connector on my mainboard?
I really don\'t have a clew anymore

A-star 2nd July 2003 21:46

I dunno, didn\'t try that.
just experiment a bit I guess

Avalon 15th July 2003 11:58

good review, but your problem with the rounded cables can easily be solved. Just leave more space between your hard disks and the cable will not have a bend like yours.

As for the shortness of your cables: on my abit nf7-s the standard cables were long enough, so it depends on the motherboard type.

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