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jmke 3rd May 2004 22:08

Thermaltake Polo735 - 3 in 1 Cooler
Our newest :mad: shrimp member reviews a full copper heatsink from TT!


Branching out from just the Volcano series, many innovative designs have been seen, like the tower coolers, and also enhanced versions of the traditional heatsink design emulating the massive Thermalright copper coolers so favored by those using performance air cooling. One of these new twists of the classic heatsink/fan design is Thermaltakeīs Polo735, letīs take a look.

Sidney 3rd May 2004 22:57

Good work!! I hope I got your name "right".

jmke 3rd May 2004 23:02

you can also call him "J" ;)

wutske 4th May 2004 20:09

Nice :super: , to bad it isn't such an improve, but what about performance/noise ratio ?

Ow, ps;

... the intentions of also using it also later...

IKilledMyAGOIA 4th May 2004 20:31

the performance to noise ratio is much better on the thermaltake, dual ball bearing on the tt fan, and rifle bearing on the cooler master - which whines like mad

thnks for the tip ill go in and correct it today

jmke 4th May 2004 23:17

fixed! :)

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