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jmke 2nd September 2004 23:42

Thermalright XP-120 Review: New sound of Silence?
Thermalright introduces a new heatsink with support for 120mm fans, made from aluminum its light as a feather, but does it perform? Weve installed the XP-120 on our test system with a variety of fans on top to see how it stacks up against the competition.

RichBa5tard 3rd September 2004 00:02

Dajum, that's some impressive performance! :o

You're not selling it by any chance? :D

jmke 3rd September 2004 00:04

I still need it for further testing :)
Ask Bacata for resellers info, they have sales points in Belgium also, near Brussel if I'm not mistaken, check their site!

Sidney 3rd September 2004 04:17


I still need it for further testing


Further testing with the system build into a case with some silent case cooling will determine if you can run this heatsink in a passively cooled setup. Stay tuned.
He ain't kidding.;)
Nice article.

SuAside 3rd September 2004 10:34

i ordered mine about 4 days ago

60 in belgium though :s

now lets hope it fits on my 845PE mobo... (their compability list only tests 865 & 865 P4 chipset mobos, but i crosschecked the designs of mobos that fit and it should work...)

FoRCe 3rd September 2004 18:55

i mailed today for comptabilty and hoera hoera:


I'm happy to report that the XP-120 is compatible with your motherboard!!

For Thermalright,

Bob Dyl

It's fits on a Albatron PX845PEV Pro so, now finding a seller in Belgium who can deliver by rembours.
Anyone knows one ?

Would appreciate it.

Grtz Force

agent #2 4th September 2004 17:08

Loveno has it, but I don't know if they deliver on rembours.

FoRCe 4th September 2004 18:51

they do, nut 72eur is kinda expensive :)

i'm gonna wait until it becomes more popular and more shops will have it

Sidney 10th September 2004 00:46

Notice the new design fan clips?

They now clip onto the lower porton of the fan instead. This means XP-90 will have the same fan mounting dimensions as MCX462 or MCX478-V in 90 or 92mm fan.:banana:

SuAside 17th September 2004 09:09

belgium only: so i'll do it in dutch :p (ja, sluikreclame, maar tis ni echt alsof we concurrenten zijn van [M] :p) is van plan een IA te starten voor deze koelers (de P4/K8 versie). hou het forum in de gaten.

voorlopige prijzen door Hofline:
5 stuks: 55
10 stuks: 52
15 stuks of meer: 49

(ik heb 60 betaalt voor de mijnen bij beerke toen ze juist uit waren. officiele prijs is 62.5 geloof ek)

PS: onder voorbehoud, maar de IA zou binnenkort moeten starten...

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