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jmke 5th October 2003 16:10

Thermalright SP-94 Copper Heatpipe Heatsink
Liquid3D and I take an extensive look at Thermalright latest and possibly greatest P4 heatsink!


Thermalright has certainly kept their eye on the ball lately, and they´ve scored yet again with their latest offering, the SP-94. This marks Thermalright´s ingress into heat-pipe technology, and they've made a distinguished entrance. The SP94 is an all copper thin-fin cooler, the embodiment of which centres around their SLK series. From what your about to see, Thermalright has truly raised heat-sink manufacture, to an art form.
We compare it to the SLK-947U and SLK-900U in this article.

RichBa5tard 5th October 2003 16:20

Wow, great stuff!

It's very impressive that it beats the SLK900 by approx 2 degrees, but the SLK900U has the advantage of being both AMD & Intel cooler.

Is the SP94 being sold in belgium yet?

jmke 5th October 2003 16:27

Haven't seen it in Belgium yet, but the price will approx. be around this one I think

I will put the SP-94 further to test the coming days by upping the vcore and see how much I can overclock my poor little 2.4 :)

Unregistered 7th October 2003 11:39

are the temps in the review socket or diode temps???

jmke 7th October 2003 11:43

the P4 has an onboard temp diode which we used for the measurements, it portrays the exact cpu temperature more correctly.

Unregistered 9th October 2003 19:53

ooops! ... why does the heatsink have such a rough surface?

Look at that surface! :puke:
You can clearly see the machine marks in the scanner image, yet
the reviewer has praise for how "smooth" it is. ... huh?! :wtf:

Hasn't the reveiwer seen a really smooth contact surface? :wtf:

jmke 9th October 2003 19:58

the scanner image surpasses that of most digicams, and even if I would scan a "smooth" / "lapped" heatsink, you will see the same marks
at 1600DPI things become pretty big , and the smallest groove can be seen as if it were huge

here are the L1 bridges of an AXP @ 1600DPI

Hyd 11th October 2003 09:38

this review would be perfect if was set against the Swiftech MCX462-V, i mean dont we all wanna know who's the better one atm? :]

jmke 11th October 2003 11:17

it would be impossible to compare it to the Swiftech MCX462-V... as it is a Socket A heatsink :*

the Intel version will be released very soon.

Unregistered 11th October 2003 15:41

woops minor detail i hadn't noticed :] looking forward to the review tho ;]

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