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jmke 24th June 2003 21:02

SystemGuides @ [M]
The autumn guide is online! thanks to Swr-ke! :ws:



Ah, summer at last. Time to build the new system you dreamed of last winter. And if you lost your way trough all the new hardware out there, you are lucky to get yourself here @ [M], since the new Systemguide has arrived...

4 systems to please you all, one site where you can find them ;)

great work from :ws: swr-ke :ws:


Roswell 2nd July 2003 21:23

Just noticed (or perhaps i'm just blind):
the 'family pc' has no motherboard included.

Vorda 2nd July 2003 23:00

Indeed, lol

jmke 2nd July 2003 23:03

correct! it has been fixed =)

ChildeRoland 7th August 2003 03:13

And oc'ers don't need a monitor apparently :)

warre 7th August 2003 09:21

and by the watercooled pc: 2*512MB DDR for the price of 1*512

jmke 7th August 2003 09:24

that is no error my friend "Price/Piece" :)
in the total cost the 2x has been calculated

Unregistered 7th August 2003 09:49

ah k

jmke 21st October 2003 18:00

The autumn guide is online! thanks to Swr-ke! :ws:

[Bonbon] 21st October 2003 18:19

the barebone is listed as 1500 ons the first page
but in the menu 1000

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