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jmke 15th January 2004 11:34

Sparkle Geforce FX 5700 Ultra Review
Gamer takes a brandnew FX5700Ultra from Sparkle for a spin on his 3~4Ghz P4 system!


We take a look at the Sparkle FX5700Ultra Platinum edition (SP8836U-PT), it improves upon nVidia's FX 5600 Ultra, while sporting ViVo features. Pitting it against the Radeon 9800 Pro to see how it holds up in popular benchmarks and games!

Unregistered 2nd February 2004 21:12

What is better, a 5700 ultra or The 5900XT?? the DDR and clock speed is faster on the 5700, but the 5900xt has a bigger price tag??

jakkerd 2nd February 2004 21:21

5900xt is faster

piotke 2nd February 2004 21:21

fx5900 XT, definately
has a 256 bit bus...

Unregistered 3rd February 2004 21:43

if you go to there are Aopen FX5900 cards available that are 5 less than there own FX5900XT version. Or is the XT version better than the standard 5900? (Because the heatsink/fan looks much better/cooler on the 5900 model.)

jmke 3rd February 2004 21:51

XT version for nVidia cards is actually "slower"

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