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Gamer 21st December 2003 00:12

Sparkle FX5700Ultra (platinum).
nice card.

Gamer 21st December 2003 12:10

what to expect :
tests done @ 3 ghz-4ghz-non vidcard OC-vidcard OC.

did get some nice results with this card.

stay tuned.

a little teaser :

The Senile Doctor 21st December 2003 12:24

couldn't you test some halo w/fraps and ut2k3?
coz I think we should abandon 3dmark03 testing and do gametests...

jmke 21st December 2003 12:37

my suggestion, reposted:

best thing to do is to game with both cards for a short time in different games, using FRAPS 2.0 and compare the overall gaming experience

divide the review in 2 parts.

1) Synthetic benchmarks: 3Dmark(full!)/PixelMark/AquaMark(full!)
2) Game benchmarks: SplinterCell/Max Payne2/Call of Duty/...

Gamer 21st December 2003 12:38

yep, that is the idea.

just did these tests to see how it would perform in these benchmarks.

The Senile Doctor 21st December 2003 14:07


Razorwolf 25th December 2003 20:45

Nice test results :super:

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