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jmke 24th April 2005 16:22

Sky Hawk Power One 620W PSU Review
Recently SkyHawk´s innovative Power One GM570SC PSU became infamous for all the wrong reasons. A few Hardware Review Sites recently published evidence of a discrepancy in the claim the Power One GM570SC complied with EPS12V v.2.1 and ATX v.2.01 specifications. SkyHawk immediately set about rectifying the issue and we take the opportunity here to discuss the merits of the EPS12V/ATX 2.01 standards and ruffle some panties with a slightly more accurate definition for unbiased journalism.

Samlind 26th April 2005 08:56

There are plenty of power supplies that will perform well fora few days. But to say that a power supply is 'reliable' after a few days, even after a few months is stretching things pretty far.

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