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jmke 19th March 2009 18:59

SilenX IXC-120HA2 iXtrema CPU Cooler Tested
The SilenX iXtrema CPU Cooler is a direct heatpipe touch CPU cooler which have become quite popular by manufacturers for providing affordable, yet high performance CPU coolers. SilenX is known for their silent 120mm fans, so no big surprise to find a SilenX 120mm fan inside the package.

You also get a fan speed controller, two sets of fan mounting clips, so you can go all out and have 2x120mm fun. For our tests we used the included fan, as well as our reference Global 120mm NCB.

This heatsink is quite tall, but thin, installation doesn't use push pins per-sť, but the mounting bracket for S775 does!

We compare it below to another direct heatpipe touch HSF, the Sunbeamtech Contact Freezer:

The included fan at full speed offers good performance but is too noisy, undervolting to 5v gives better results, while not dead quiet (fan is at 800rpm at 5v) it is certainly acceptable for low noise computing. More details and test results in the full review coming to the site soon.

jmke 3rd May 2009 21:02

Full review out now!

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