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jmke 20th March 2009 21:58

Scythe Ninja 2 CPU Cooler Tested
Scythe Ninja 2 is a revised version of the original Ninja which put Scythe on the "silent CPU cooling" map world-wide. It features a more streamlined design with thicker aluminum fins, a different spacing of the heatpipes and comes with an excellent 1000rpm 120mm fan.

Installation is straight forward, but does require motherboard removal, using standard Intel push pins this 850gram (with fan) heatsink is pushing the limits of this installation method.

Inside our test case it lines up perfectly with the rear 120mm exhaust fan:

We've tested it with the stock fan, GlobalWin NCB, as well as fanless, how does it do?

The all copper Ninja CU was quite a sight the behold, but very heavy and expensive; with the Ninja 2 Scythe is able to match the performance of the full copper Ninja and improve on the original Ninja too. The included 1000rpm is simply awesome, build for usage with this type of heatsink the performance/noise ratio makes this cooler silent out of the box even at 12v!

More details and installation tips in our full review.

Justchill 26th March 2009 11:56

nice! I'm still happy with the old ninja...
What cpu is the pentium 524 ??

jmke 26th March 2009 12:01

jmke 3rd May 2009 21:02

Full review out now!

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