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jmke 30th March 2009 20:03

Scythe Mugen 2 CPU Cooler Tested
Scythe Mugen 2 is the successor of the renamed Infinity CPU Cooler which delivered excellent performance with slow and fast fans. The Mugen 2 has a hard task ahead, with plenty of competition, most from their own camp, as the Scythe Ninja (and Ninja 2) rule the roost at Scythe. Does the Mugen 2 stand a chance?

The Mugen 2 starts of high-end straight from the get-go with a new multi platform mounting system which does away with push-pin type installation.

You get a very nice PWM 120mm fan inside the package, rating very good performance/noise wise.

Installation is not the easiest; as you have to screw the heatsink in its place through the motherboard from the bottom up; flipping the cooler on its top and then placing the motherboard on there does help a bit. You do end up with one very tight fit, and the fins align nicely with a 120mm exhaust fan:

Performance numbers is where it counts at the end of the day, compared to the Ninja and Ninja 2 here's how the Mugen 2 did:

The outcome is easy to understand, the tightly packed fins on the Mugen 2 give it an edge when you use higher speed fans, with lower speed fans the difference is negligible; we also ran the heatsink passive; most coolers in our group test crash during this test, the Mugen 2 comes close, but manages to hang in there; the Ninja (2) is better suited for extremely low airflow setups though.

More details in our full review, out soon!

jmke 3rd May 2009 21:02

Full review out now!

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