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jmke 31st May 2006 22:25

Scythe Kaze Jyu 10cm Case Fan
More Airflow at Lower RPM

By keeping the dimension of the center bearing hub as compact as possible & enlarging the blade surface, the Kaze Jyu 10cm case fan can generate more airflow at lower fan RPM. This can allow a user to build a silent PC without compromising in noise.

Equipped with Both 9cm & 10cm Screw Holes

By providing the screw holes for both 9cm & 10cm, Kaze Jyu 10cm case fan allows the user to mount either as a 9cm or 10cm case fan.

3-Pin to 4-Pin Adopter Provided

To fulfill the demand for more users, Kaze Jyu 10cm case fan comes with the 3 to 4-pin to adopter.

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