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jmke 15th February 2004 02:04

Rheobus comparison: Evercool and Coolermaster
Evangeliz continues his winning review strike, this time he slows down his FANs to a stop, well.. almost :)


If you are looking for ways to silence your PC, then read on to find out which one of these fan controllers is up to the job! We turn the knobs on the Evercool SCP-A, Coolermaster Aerogate II and a No-Name Rheobus.

FoRCe 15th February 2004 09:57

i have a aerogate 2 myself and i can say that the install was very quick :p

I've installed it on a lanparty in only 5-10 mins, incl opening case, removing cd players (****ing case), attaching all wires and temp probes (with normal tape).

RichBa5tard 15th February 2004 10:01

Nice review, but don't you find it a bit odd to include an 'anonymous' rheobus? No known name, no known manufacturer, no known price, no known vendor.... hence no point of reviewing it?

jmke 15th February 2004 12:19

it's pretty popular though and can be found in many webshops, agreed that it will be difficult to do a "search" for it, but it gives you an idea :)

Unregistered 15th February 2004 13:10

Hi, posted it @ crazymodders :)

i just wanted to say that the no name is in fact a Sunbeam rheobus, if you look on the pcb you will see the name and i checked the sunbeam site and yep its a match ;)

gunnie 15th February 2004 13:11

oops thats my reply above here :)

jmke 15th February 2004 13:39

thank you for the info, updated the article!

Da_BoKa 15th February 2004 15:28

i alsow have the sunbeam rheobus and it's a nice simple thingy, i like it, and it was cheap

btw @ page 2 you haven't changed the name yet, there still stands: No name Rheobus, dito @ last page

and another thing, the sunbeam rheobus changes from ledcolour @ 7v

Evangeliz 16th February 2004 12:59

I have to say that the aerogate was the best performer obviously.
But the best bang for a buck would be the sunbeam as I really liked that one.
Good looking and absolutely doing what it should do, very nice leds and such

Unregistered 16th February 2004 13:42

Does the Aerogate let you set all 4 fans at different speeds? or does the one big knob control all 4 at once? I've read a few reviews but no one has made this point clear.

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