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B|oweFish 14th March 2003 23:28

Review: Unreal Tournament 2003
Review: Unreal tournament 2003:

First impression:

After I played the demo for 2-3 weeks I finally bought the game on 4 October 2002 (the release date in Belgium). It took while to install (3 cdís) but when it was finally done, I double-clicked on the ĎPlay Unreal tournament 2003í icon. My first words: ooooow foook! The menu and the music drove me mad!

Holy cow:

When I finished setting up my config I joined a server and started fragginí like hell. The game-play is really :mad: . For example: when youíre duelling with another person you can jump over him and launch some rockets in his ***. Another change is that you canít use the translocator as many times as you want. When you used it 5 times in a row it has to Ďrechargeí. The maps frigginí nice and the graphs even nicer! Even on myGeforce2 mx400.


I already said that you canít use the translocator as many times as you want. But thatís not the only thing thatís changed.

I already said that you canít use the translocator as many times as you want. But thatís not the only thing thatís changed.

A list of the biggest changes:
- Double jump
- Translocator
- A new super weapon : the Ion Painter
- Adrenaline points (you can use them for some special moves)
- Maps (Duh)
- Weapons (some new weapons, but all new skins for the old
weapons for Unreal Tournament)
- Engine
- Player skins
- Bomb run (There are 2 teams and you got to get your ball in to
weapons for Unreal Tournament)
- Ö


In this mode youíve got to fight against your opponent. When you win a match you unlock a map. Then youíve got to unlock that one etc. The more maps youíve unlocked, the harder it will be to kill your opponent.
You have to do this in all the game modes. When youíve unlocked all the maps youíll get some special player skins. This isnít the best single player, but ut2k3 isnít a single player game ;).


In this mode you can choose between Capture the flag (CTF), Domination (DOM), Bombing run (BR), Death match (DM) or Team death match (TDM).My favourites are CTF and TDM. This part of the game ROCKS! To give you an example: my record is 230 frags in 30 minutes. This is awesome!
Many people think that you donít have to use your brains when youíre playing ut2k3. Because you just have to shoot some rockets in his direction and heís dead anyway (because the blast radius of a rocket is quite big). But when youíre counting on fragginí him that way heíll shoot some rockets up your ***. You really have to follow your opponent and youíve got to try to guess where heís going to land. Then youíve got to shoot your rockets BEFORE he lands to the place you think heís going to land. This isnít easy! But with a little practice you can learn everything. And practice isnít a big problem because Iím kinda addicted to the game ;).

To give you an idea of the graphs of the game, here are some ingame pics:





/me is Godlike =-)


This game ROCKS! I loved it from the very first second I played it.
This is what you have to do: get some cash or borrow some y from your parents, jump on your bike/in your car and get your *** to the local game-store.
Youíve got to have this game if you like first person shooters!

Graphics: 24/25
Game play: 24/25
Sound: 22/25
Fun factor: 26/25 ;)

Total of: 95/100


you can contact me at Mirc #-brutal- on quakenet. Thatís my UT2K3 clan. If you want to challenge us, pm Omicron or 2-Gm@n ;)


I was bored ;)
My english isn't that good so it's possible that i made some faults in this review.

Hope you liked it!


Kweet dat het al een tijdje uit is, maar ťťn review over een oud game is beter als geen review imo :p en ik verveelde mij..

AchMalAch 15th March 2003 00:23

I must say, my thoughts are exactly the same, I really like that game. It's weird that so many copies are for sale on the Belgian boards, so now you can get it for a good price.
btw, nice review.:super:

jmke 15th March 2003 00:46

great review Blowefish, I can see you got bored ;)
one small advice though: don't use images from other peoples reviews, this is not seen as being "nice"

patience I'm coding like hell here, you have a little corner of Gaming review fun sooner that you think @ [M] :)

B|oweFish 15th March 2003 00:50

hope so :p

But you can take your time tho.. don't have to hurry yourself just for me :)

on the biggest pic.. i noticed that their is a little smiley on the flak ball ;)

jmke 15th March 2003 01:07

did you see this in my post?

"one small advice though: don't use images from other peoples reviews, this is not seen as being "nice""


B|oweFish 15th March 2003 01:16

yeh i saw it :p

maybe I could ask some members of my clan if they would take some pics for me..

then i'll remove the pics i've 'borrowed' :p form other peoples reviews.

Or do i have to remove them right now? np..

jmke 15th March 2003 01:28

uhm.. can't you take screenshots? :)

B|oweFish 15th March 2003 01:30

Re: Review: Unreal Tournament 2003

And i didn't made those pics cauze i can't run UT2003 on my laptop

Can't work on my pc cauze teh friggin' screen woulnd't go on..
look in this thread.. maybe you can help me :)

jmke 15th March 2003 01:33

mail me what you need :)

B|oweFish 15th March 2003 01:40

ffie nederlands.. ben nogal moe,

maw, kga slapen.. zal je morgen een meel sturen.Maar heb geen gedacht wat eraan zou zijn. Teus zei me op msn dat men mobo kapot zou zijn.. maar dat kan haast niet omdat ik er niet ben aangeweest en alles op standaard settings liep..
Maat vna me heeft echter gezegd dat hij da ook al heeft voorgehad en dit heeft opgelost door zijn voltage van cpu te verhogen.. kan de link niet echt leggen tussen scherm dat niet aanslaagd en cpu.. maar kga het morgen eens proberen.

(scherm slaagt wel aan na cmos te clearen, maar na alles terug ingestelt (fsb 133 enzo) en gesaved te hebben slaagt het trug af)

Kga er morgen eens naar kijken..


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