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B|oweFish 18th March 2003 17:14

Review: Unreal II
Unreal II:

The game:

Your goal is to become a member of the mariens. You've tried this allready but it wasn't a big succes.
So good luck!


The whole game starts when you arrive at your homebase. Here you'll have to pass a training
wich will learn you all the info you'll need and all the basic moves.

Tah base:

When this is done you must leave the base and fly back to your mothership. Inhere you'll
meat some new people. An aliene, a weird dude that can tell you everything about your weapons
and a woman.

Tah woman, /me like!

You can talk with them and you can even choose what that you wanna say. When you know your way around the ship
and met everybody it's time for action. The girl shall show you some nice holograms and explaines the whole
mission to you.

Tah holograms

Lets kick some aliene ***:

When the briefing is done you have to go to your little spaceship and get to the area you'll have to secure/save/whatever.
Once the dore of your spaceship is opened you'll stand face to face with some aliens. This isn't very hard, just shoot some
blue plasma thingies in their faces.

nifty little handgun with unlimited ammo:

The aliens are friggin scary in my humble opinion. Specialy them yukky spiders in Hell scared the **** out of my. Your damn lucky
that they can't dodge bullets :) . Their are also a lot of parts that are really freaky.. I ain't going to tell much about this
cauze then it isn't funny anymore. But see that you have your best gun in your hand when your on an elevator :D

Buy some spiders! Buy them while their hot!

Some other alien scumbags:


As you allready could see on the pics, the graphics rock. Never saw such nice graphs before. They even look great on my
GeforceII GTS.
The gameplay and engine are very good. I had a lot of fun while playing this game. Even think it's the best FPS that i've ever
played. But it's a pitty that it's so short. And replay a singleplayer game isn't fun imo.



Can't say much about this. The game just rocks! ( damn pitty it's so short)

Gameplay: 24/25
Fun Factor 22/25
Graphics 25/25
Sound 21/25

A total of 91/100!

Hope you liked it!

Thnx to Viper_GTS for borrowing me his game so i could review it! ;)

The Senile Doctor 18th March 2003 17:39

my two cents...
the game is
1.too short
2. too repetitive
3. not half as exotic and entangling as unreal1 which blew this 'sequel" right outta the water...

B|oweFish 18th March 2003 17:45

hmm never played Unreal1 :x

jmke 18th March 2003 18:10

Unreal 1 is still superior to Unreal 2 when it comes down to gameplay and pure "WOW" effect

the maps in Unreal 1 are huuuuuuuuuuugeee

The Senile Doctor 18th March 2003 19:01

not only are they huge, it was one of the few games where I really felt in this extremely alien live world with its superior civilizations...
the cave where you come out and meet the first skaarj giant : astonishing.
the sky was the best sky ever done in a game...
I loved unreal1...
played it for about three straight weeks in my vacation! on my dual voodoo2 in sli mode (24 videomb was extreme for that time :) ), I worked for a month then (Bloodtransfusioncentre) to pay for those two cards!

B|oweFish 18th March 2003 19:04

does nyone still have unreal1 and want to bring it to mē? :)

The Senile Doctor 18th March 2003 20:20

send me a pm about 1 day before and i'll bring it along :)

Roswell 18th March 2003 21:29

No more spelling-checker needed?

* Once the dore of your spaceship is opend => door + openEd
* a weerd dude => weird
* Here you'll got to pass => have to pass
and so on...

I know, everybody knows what you mean, but in my humble opinion it's a bit nicer when in "good english" ;)

I'm GLAD to do it for you... takes just a few minutes... it's your call!

Edit: still, nice review :super:

B|oweFish 18th March 2003 21:30

k.. i'll send the next reviews to you before i'll post them on the forum ;)

Roswell 18th March 2003 21:33

K :)

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