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B|oweFish 7th April 2003 19:20

Review: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

Anonther Tom Clancy game? Boring!

When you go to the movies or you play a game and after the title stands a 3 you probably would think: Sequels are usually exploited and canít equal the original game. Think again, Ravenshield 3 is a great game! This is the first time I play a game from the
Ravenshield series and i love it.

Terrorists, who are they, what are they doing.. Right now in Ravenshield :

The main goal in Ravenshield 3 is killing terrorists. And thats a good thing cauze they are the bad guys.

In the Campaigne game you'll always start a mission with a briefing. Youíre briefed by a nice lady called control (?). You can also ask Kevin Clark and Kevin Sweeney for a second and third opinion.

After the briefing you can start setting up your team and waypoints they have to follow trough the mission. You've got a shitload of controlls for commanding your team and other teams and a lots of weapons (AKs, MP5, P90,...) , clothes, explosive thingies (mines, frag grenades, flashbangs, stickie bombs, teargas..) and atributes (night gogles, heartbeat gogles,..).

Honney I'm hooome!

Hey, am I drunk again?

The realism in this game is great. 2 bullets in your chest can kill you, but when your dead you can switch to another player in your team (you can do this all the time). Another good thing is that your teammates aren't dumb.
I've played a lot of games where teammates have to follow you and they get killed after the first gunshots of your enemy. These guys are good! They kill more then I do :) .


As said before it's your goal to eliminate all the terrorists. One other thing you must do is rescueing hostages. This isn't easy cauze the Terros will kill them when they see you. You just have to pull the pin out of a flashbang grenade, then open the door just a little bit (you can do that with your mousescroll), trow the grenade inside, wait a sec and rush in.
Shoot all the terros and use one of the many commands to say to the hossies that they have to follow you.


When you play this game for the first time youíll probably screw up your mission because youíre not familiar to the different buttons, but after a while everything will get clear. Then it's time to own some terror-***.
The gameplay is very smoothly. I really like it, very much!


The graphs rock. They even look very nice on my GeforceII GTS.

The atmosphere in Ravenshield 3 is amazing. The sounds, music, environment,... Everything adds in to create something super cool.

All this goodness together transforms Ravenshield into a kickass game!


Ravenshield 3 is a very good game. It varies alot and I think Iím not going to get bored of soon. I enjoyed playing it for every second.


- Nice graphs
- Nice Gameplay
- none of them dumbass teammaties
- shitload of weapons, grenades,...
- you can plan and choose your own stratagy


- lots of controlles
- Your dead after 2 bullets
- You can't save (read: Your dead after 2 bullets)

Gameplay: 22/25
Graphics: 23/25
Sound: 20/25
Fun Factor 20/25

Total: 85/100

Thnx to Roswell for correcting my crappy englisch version.. =) and thnx to ViperGTS for letting me borrow his game ;)

silencer 7th April 2003 19:29

nice review

Roswell 7th April 2003 22:12

Re: Review: Tom Clancy's Ravenshield III

Originally posted by B|oweFish

Thnx to Rosswel for correcting my crappy englisch version.. [/b]
Nice review, but change my name or I'll NEVER correct another review for u ;)

B|oweFish 7th April 2003 22:15

rofl :)

..done :p

deronny 8th April 2003 00:29

like yer reviews.

could you change the pro's color to green and the cons to red.
seems more right to me that way.

RichBa5tard 8th April 2003 01:08


keep 'm coming :)

jmke 11th April 2003 11:41

title changed to the correct one :)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

Da`Hitch 11th April 2003 13:03

Nice1 blowfish!!:super:

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